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Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising

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Noel Sajid I. Murad

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Mary Julie V. Balarbar

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Carlo Miguel C. Saavedra
Hana C. Yu


Filipinos’ interest in frozen desserts surged during the pandemic. It is depicted as a literal quick blissful escape from the bitter reality that is happening across the globe. They crave refreshments such as ice cream whenever they are having an awful day or exhausted from working remotely --- the comforting feeling of sweet treats gratifies the soul, making one instantly feel better. This is where Gruppo Dolci takes part.

Gruppo Dolci has been sweetening people’s lives since 2010. It is a local food company that advocates Honest Food rooted in sustainability, sourcing out supplies from the local farmers, and producing goods using fresh and all-natural ingredients. The company started from one retail store to a now reputable supplier and distributor of pastries and desserts.

This integrated marketing campaign is designed to mainly focus and draw awareness to Gruppo Dolci’s Sugar-free Gelato. Its aim is to educate the consumers about the contrast of it towards the industrial ice cream and start reassessing their purchasing preferences in terms of food quality and sources of ingredients.

The SWOT and TOWS analysis further points out the significant changes in consumer’s behavior throughout the pandemic. As people continue to stay at home, their digital exposure also increases. The demand for food delivery rises, and more Filipinos are looking into healthier options to better take care of their diet and sugar intake. In addition, it was observed that Filipinos are truly selfless. Their love for the local community and environment emanates. Based on the UAI survey results (n=175), they are more likely to purchase from a brand with a good cause rooted in sustainability.

For this campaign, the primary media would be Digital to grow brand visibility that will lead eventually to conversion, backed up by Public Relations to forge meaningful partnerships and create buzz through the power of influencer marketing, blogs, and digital news; Events Marketing to generate public awareness and empower aspiring gelato entrepreneurs. These will then be supported further by Sales promotions to generate leads and increase Gruppo Dolci’s overall profit by at least 10% at the end of Q2 2022.

The strategies above will boost the delivery service of Grupo Dolci to accommodate sweet tooths yet health-conscious consumers as the country is still in the state of continuous quarantines. Gruppo Dolci’s budget for marketing, COVID-19 impacts and measures have mainly been considered to develop the proposed ideas and initiatives.

Keywords: Sugar-free, Gelato, Frozen Dessert

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Gruppo Dolci, Inc. (Philippines)--Marketing Frozen desserts--Philippines--Marketing; Frozen desserts industry--Philippines--Marketing

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