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Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign

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Master of Marketing Communications

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Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising

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Rayan Dui

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Jose Luis R. Liongson

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Segundo Barrameda, Jr


JML Philippines is distributed by one of the largest retailers in the country, “Primeline Products Philippines” . With a tagline “Everyday Easier”, JML Philippines offers high quality consumer products for home, lifestyle, personal care and beauty and hardware. For the purpose of this study, the researcher will focus on one its growing category which is the personal care and hair styling line.

In understanding the macro external factors it can be seen that the pandemic has changed the overall personal and beauty routine of more women for the better. Spending more time at home has brought a great focus on self-care- and hair care, and has reaped the benefits. In addition, the pandemic-era incarnation of self-care isn't about buying a signature outfit, wearing a trendy shade of lipstick or getting a perfect haircut. It has, for many, put the purpose and meaning of life front and center, reconfiguring priorities and needs as the virus-infected months drift by. With the growing market for hair and beauty products in the Philippines. Hair play has seen an integral part of enhancing an individual's appearance especially for women as they are major consumers of hair styling products.

To further understand the market behavior of JML Philippines consumers in the post-pandemic, the researcher conducted a (UAI) Usage, Attitude, and Image (UAI) study with 176 respondents, and an in-depth interview with its Marketing Manager. Results show that 75% of the target market aged 25 to 35 years old tend to purchase hair styling products and beauty products that make them feel good, and confident. This is further supported by their need to feel valued and encouraged. However, based on the survey results, JML Philippines has low awareness especially on digital space and social media with only 15.8% of the respondents . This led to the development of this Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) campaign for JML Philippines. This study will run this April until December 2023, and aims to establish JML Philippines as the go-to hair and personal care brand for self-care loving Filipinas looking for professional quality experience. Thus, having the big idea “Styling Made Easy” which positions JML as the ultimate platform for everything beauty, hair and personal care. Supplemented by its brand promise that you can achieve that salon quality hair at the comfort of your home.

Since the target market is heavily exposed to internet and social media, the IMC campaign will focus on Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Sales Promotions, Partnerships and Events Marketing initiatives. Overall campaign will be amplified by its key message and tone that is reliable, easy, encouraging and self-aware. On the creative side, collaterals will also be aligned with the proposed branding guidelines and communication strategy.

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"Everyday easier"






Hygiene products—Philippines—Marketing

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