Integrated marketing communications campaign for a mental health service provider in the Philippines

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Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign

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Globally, the World Health Organization states that 15% of working-age adults experience mental illness in 2022. According to research, it was estimated that about 53% of Filipino employees “are feeling a degree of mental health challenge” at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, Republic Act No. 11036, or the Mental Health Act was passed in 2018 declares the right of every Filipino to proper mental well-being; and promotes and protects the rights of people utilizing psychiatric, neurologic, and psychosocial health services. To implement this, the Department of Labor and Employment crafted Department Order No. 208 which states that all workplaces must create a Mental Health Workplace Policy and Program that includes raising awareness, preventing stigma and discrimination, providing support to workers at risk or with mental health conditions, and/or facilitating access to such services. These factors affirm the relevance of mental health service providers in uplifting the quality of mental health in the community.

This integrated marketing communications campaign aims to strengthen the brand awareness of a mental health service provider in the Philippines as a credible and accessible social enterprise able to provide customizable corporate packages. To gather more insights, a mixed-method approach was used to collect data from the primary and secondary target markets through in-depth interviews and surveys, respectively. Based on the results, most of the companies' decision-makers and employees believe in the value of mental healthcare. However, not all companies avail mental health programs due to a lack of budget and low priority by the management. Decision makers are open to avail services of mental health providers for their companies based on the expertise of the mental health professionals.

The marketing and financial objectives of this campaign will be achieved by utilizing a mix of digital marketing, public relations and partnerships, events marketing, merchandise marketing, direct marketing, and corporate social responsibility through digital and traditional platforms. The proposal begins from December 2022 until November 2023. By the end of this campaign, the mental health service provider hopes to educate more people about the value of mental health in the workplace and ultimately achieve a sales increase from its corporate market.

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Mental health services—Philippines—Marketing; Mental health promotion—Philippines

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