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Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign

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Master of Marketing Communications

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Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising

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Warren Erving Go

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Rayan Dui

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Nelson Guillen
Anica Feliciano


This Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Campaign paper aims to assist student residential brand, 930 Lacson, with the financial loss caused by the novel coronavirus. This will be accomplished through a one-year IMC Campaign that will raise brand awareness and consideration, resulting in increased sales. For this to happen, the researcher conducted internal and external analyses with the help of different management and marketing frameworks. With this information, the researcher found that 930 Lacson's strengths are its competitive price and its flexible rental contracts, while its weaknesses are its lack of branding efforts, building amenities, and visibility on social media.

To strengthen the research and find out what the target audience thinks about residential units, the researcher conducted a Usage Attitude Image (UAI) survey with 154 participants and a Focus Group Discussion (FGD), which was backed up by secondary data. This was distributed to college students and people studying for the bar and board exams, both male and female, who went to schools in the University Belt (U-Belt) area and were at least 17 years old. The researcher discovered that the two most important factors a person considers when moving out and looking into a residential building are safety and location. While factors that the audience considers in looking for a residential unit are high-speed internet, price, well-lit rooms, access to fresh air, and flexibility of rental lease. More than half of the respondents are not familiar with 930 Lacson, and most of them are familiar with its competitors through word of mouth. They also prefer digital media, with most of them spending 8 hours or more online a day.

With this in mind, the researcher first created a logo for 930 Lacson to stand out among its competitors. This was anchored by the big idea of “Experience Home Through Easy Living.”, the concept is about making life easier for students, as the phrase “easy living” means to “live comfortably without any problems or worries.” 930 Lacson aims to provide a worry-free experience by housing students in affordable rooms that are safe, cozy, and providing flexible contract lease options because we all know that the pressures of school are hard enough. Students should be able to rest, relax, and unwind when they go home. Because if they're able to achieve this, they can focus on what truly matters, and that’s their studies.

To strengthen the big idea and achieve the general objectives of Return on Marketing Investments (ROMI). The researcher made use of different media mixes, such as digital, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, and out-of-home advertising. This was guided by the AIDAS model and divided into three campaign phases to achieve awareness, recognition, engagement, inquiries, sales conversion, and positive word of mouth. At the end of the campaign, it is expected to get a growth rate of 18.99%.

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Student housing—Philippines—Manila—Marketing

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