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Master's Thesis

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Master of Marketing Communications


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising

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Shane Aldrin Bellare

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Benison Cu

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Emma Lourdes R. Mones
Hoover Uy de Baron


This integrated marketing communications campaign is crafted for Baron Method, the Philippines’ first nutritional coaching and food education practice. This health and wellness brand that specializes in nutritional services stands by the belief that you can “transform your health through the healing power of food” which is also their tagline. Presently, the organization offers three services to its patrons: Full Program, Health Webinars, and One-Time Food Education Consultation. Based on research, there are no recognized direct competitors of Baron Method. There are several companies of similar size as the brand discussed in this paper and offer services related to health, wellness, weight management, and weight loss but not concentrated on nutrition and food education, and not rendered by a team of nutritionists which are the aspects that set the company apart from other businesses in the industry.

A research study was conducted to identify advertising and promotional opportunities for the organization across various relevant platforms and channels. The gathered consumer insights, recognized behaviors, and preferences were then analyzed to determine the recurring themes, key ideas, main traits, crucial influences in the decision-making process, and desires of Baron Method’s target market. Furthermore, the consumer insights and product truth of the brand were combined to arrive at the Big Idea for this integrated marketing communications campaign which is “it takes a team to transform your health”. The big idea aims to highlight the brand’s unique way of providing service to clients which is done by a team of nutritionists guiding, motivating, and tracking the progress of individuals enrolled in the program throughout their health transformation journey using food as medicine.

Towards the end of the campaign period, this marketing proposal intends to increase brand awareness by 15% and grow sales by 10% across the National Capital Region. The forecasted 15% growth of Facebook and Instagram followers is equivalent to 145,012 and 17,595 followers respectively. The projected 10% increase in sales equates to an estimated total income of Php 1,430,000.00. Furthermore, this campaign shall utilize digital marketing, events marketing, public relations initiatives, referrals and word-of-mouth marketing, and partnerships that shall be deployed across various digital and referral channels as these are the platforms relevant to the target market. The proposed duration of the campaign is 12 months, starting from Q3 of 2021, and shall end by Q2 of 2022. The total budget allocated for this plan is Php 600,000.00.

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150 pages, color illustrations


Baron Method (Philippines)--Public relations; Nutrition counseling--Public relations--Philippines

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