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Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising

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Warren Erving C. Go

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Raymond Allan G. Vergara

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Jose Luis C. Legaspi


BalaiKamay, crafted from the words ‘home’ and ‘hand’ respectively, was co-founded by Ms. Reynaline Tugade in 2016. The home of hands is driven to improve quality of life through sustainability. The brand crafts a better tomorrow for the environment through usage of repurposed woods and upcycled materials; for our fellow Filipino craftsmen by providing them a stable livelihood; and for its clients by delivering them quality products, which can also save them money and reduce their wastes through reusability. They offer a wide array of products from furniture and organizers to toys and bespoke items. BalaiKamay has also voiced out their plans of expanding their product offerings as well as using other sustainable materials as source of their products.

Moreover, Climate Action (2021) reported an astonishing 71% rise in popularity of searches for sustainable goods over the past five years and further growth is expected even during the COVID-19 pandemic pertaining to a good outlook for the brand over the years to come. In addition, the Philippines is engaged in handicraft businesses by tradition, making our country one of the largest handicraft manufacturers in the world.

However, due to the pandemic, BalaiKamay is now limited to selling through their online platforms such as their official website, Shopee and Lazada along with other online social selling cooperatives aside from the seldom participation in trade fairs during the Holiday season. Further, the pandemic has pushed the brand to focus on product development, which has rendered them low income during the first half of the year for the previous 2 consecutive years. In this regard, the brand seeks to effectively raise their brand awareness and enforce their voice as a handcrafted sustainable brand made with quality among its direct consumers. Despite their new direction, their current available channels, which are majorly online, are increasingly growing amidst the pandemic with Digital 2021 reporting more than 13% increase in social media usage since the 2020 report and E-commerce as another area with many switching their purchases digitally to reduce the risks associated with the virus.

“Craft a better living.” BalaiKamay will communicate their identity and products among their target market through this messaging, reflecting the brand’s advocacy to live sustainably while also providing quality handcrafted items.

Moreover, due to the budget limitations of the brand, only thirty-five thousand seven hundred pesos (PhP35,700) is allotted to communicate the messaging. However, the campaign is strategically constructed to maximize the given budget. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the campaign, the AIDA model (Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action) is utilized as a guide, narrowing it down to Awareness and Activation phases for a more direct approach. The campaign will commence by promulgating the brand, its voice and its advocacy, among the chosen demographics. This focus on awareness during the first phase will lead to triggering consideration and conversion to reach the ideal net profit margin for the brand. These phases will be achieved through various tools, chosen carefully to fit the brand. Since their only distribution channel as of present is via online, the campaign will take advantage of digital platforms, utilizing not only social media but also enhancing their own official website to deliver their overall core values. It is also important to tap into key opinion leaders, influencers and known content publishers to reach a large population of their target audience. An e-raffle through the nano-influencers’ cooperation will also aid in driving sales to the brand.

The success of the campaign will establish a strong brand awareness for BalaiKamay and give life during their lean season, which can be seen through the increased engagement rates in their social media accounts, average website duration and gross profit on their direct to clients. Consequently, successfully imparting that BalaiKamay is handcrafted to improve quality of life, ensuring that our environment, the livelihood of our local artisans and our way of living are crafted better.

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