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Master's Thesis

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Master of Marketing Communications

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Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising

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Rhiana Marie M. Toledo

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Miguel Paolo L. Paredes

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Bienvenido Lorenzo C. Encarnacion
Anna J. Moncupa


The research aims to examine the preference and use of storage service providers and facilities in Metro Manila. Respondents are from Metro Manila who availed or planning to use a storage service provider and facilities. Analysis of data and insights from consumers aid the researcher in developing an Integrated Marketing Communications plan for Keepr Storage Solutions, Inc. Through its brand, Keepr Storage PH, the company provides full-service storage solutions such as rental of storage, inventory of storage, pick-up, and return of items, packing service, moving service, and storage insurance.

The proposed Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign focuses on increasing the company’s revenue by implementing strategic and streamlined marketing activities, primarily using digital as a channel. In order to maximize the company resources and budget, marketing activities are performance-based, regularly measured and re-calibrated, directly targeting the specific market, and are cost-efficient. Aside from the strategy, the campaign aims to underscore the inherent value that storage services can provide. The researcher focused on understanding consumer insight to find the essential truth. The campaign's big idea focuses on how consumers value, treasure, and deeply care about the things they store. The messaging is conveyed through a genuine, kind, and straightforward tone of voice that shines through the brand experience. The creative materials aim to make consumers feel enlightened, encouraged, and informed with the impact of the messaging to bring satisfaction, lifestyle improvement, value for money, saved time, and peace of mind.

The Campaign also emphasizes the importance of identifying specific objectives in every stage of the buyer’s journey, which shall be measured based on performance and contribution to the company sales. Budget and sales forecasting were also presented. Evaluation, monitoring and control measures are also specified to identify areas for improvement and measure key performance indicators.

Keywords: Keepr Storage PH, Storage Service, Storage Facility, Storage Rental, Storage Units

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Storage facilities—Philippines—Marketing

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