Integrated marketing communications campaign for Silvestre liquid wax

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Silvestre liquid wax
Silvestre Motorsport Corporation

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Nelson, B. Guillen

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Benison Cu

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Segundo Barrameda
John Go


The automotive industry is divided into three parts: trucks, passenger cars, and motorcycles. The Philippines has seen a significant increase in motorcycle utilization in recent years because of its affordability, young population, rising middle class, and promotion of urbanization. Apart from being a convenient mode of transportation that will help you get through EDSA, motorcycles now play a significant role in the growth of various industries such as logistics and e-commerce. With the increase in demand for delivery services brought by third-party couriers and e-commerce platforms, motorcycles have become a source of livelihood for many Filipinos.

The increase in motorcycle utilization is a great opportunity for brands like Silvestre. Since the company falls under the motorcycle industry, and they provide the most complete and quality motorcycle products.

This integrated marketing plan aims to increase 50 percent brand awareness and 10 to 15% sales by validating the captured market of Silvestre liquid wax and understanding the customer needs so that Silvestre liquid wax can produce the best liquid wax positioning and benefits. To corroborate the objectives of this paper, primary research was conducted using the Usage, Attitude, Image Survey, and In-Depth Interview. A total of 150 respondent’s answers are collected using purposive sampling and eight interviewees from the interview.

The research results unfold the most prominent target market of the motorcycle wax, brand discovery, brand influencers, top three competitors, reasons for brand switching, and reasons for not using a motorcycle wax.

Ten proposed strategies of Silvestre liquid wax are all backed up and carefully plotted by primary and secondary research. These strategies combine advertising, public relations, and sales promotions to achieve the objective of this paper.

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Motorcycles—Equipment and supplies--Marketing; Waxes--Marketing

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