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Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


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Warren Erving Go

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Mary Julie Balarbar

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Ayette Iris Ostrea
Rex Anthony Angeles


Beauty and personal care industry in the Philippines is expected to grow in the next three years despite the unfortunate circumstances. One of the categories that is forecasted to grow is the facial care category by 9.1% based on Euromonitor (2021), assuming that people will eventually return to workplaces and usual lifestyles.

In line with the preventive health protocols proposed by the Philippine government, consumers prefer shopping online for safety and convenience. Studies have shown that social media greatly impacts consumer buying behavior due to the rise of e-commerce and the amount of time people spend on social media (Roesler, 2015). The increased usage of social media opened opportunities for skin care brands to invest heavily on advertising online. People are also becoming more experimental based on what is seen on social media such as DIY skincare formulas (Lyeco-Chua, 2020). Everyone is on a journey of exploration by trying new products and finding new brands which offer higher specific value such as effectiveness and safety.

VReal Cosmetics, a homegrown skin care brand from Bantay, Ilocos Sur offers products that solve skin problems of every individual. The skincare products are made of unique formulations and are proven to be effective based on feedback from actual users. One of the best-selling products is RealNew Set A, an illuminating set that started as an aftercare set for customers who avail facial services in one of the biggest salons in Ilocos named Villareal Salon and Spa. The illuminating set received a lot of positive reviews that inspired Ms. Estela Villareal, the owner and Ms. Melba Calang, a long time beauty esthetician to establish VReal Cosmetics as an official skin care brand in 2018 that aims to provide real beauty solutions to real people.

The proposed integrated marketing communication (IMC) campaign is expected to help VReal Cosmetics regain lost sales in the previous year due to COVID-19 by taking advantage of the growing demand in e-commerce and increasing usage of social media. Strategies proposed in the campaign are supported by data that includes a UAI survey with a total of 203 respondents residing in Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. Results of the survey have shown that people seek information about skincare on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok which also have a major influence on the purchasing behavior of Ilocanos towards skin care products. Furthermore, skincare forums, product tutorials, free consultations and positive feedback capture the interest of consumers to try skincare products. The researcher also conducted focus group discussions divided into three groups: non users/millennials, VReal Cosmetics users and baby boomers to support and verify the results collected from the UAI survey.

The proposed IMC campaign strategies for VReal Cosmetics used the AIDAS customer journey framework to increase sales, have a wider reach and create brand awareness within Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte effectively. The big idea of the proposed IMC campaign is to help every Filipino reveal their inner and outer beauty with confidence through VReal Cosmetics.

The IMC campaign is expected to attract and remind young professionals why skin care is important for one’s well-being and how VReal Cosmetics address skincare problems. Proposed strategies consist of Facebook live events, content enhancement, product tutorials, free consultations, discounts, and rebate programs ensuring that each stage in the AIDAS model will be fulfilled.

The effectiveness of each strategy will be measured by the number of viewers, online engagements, consultations, program participants and sales movement. The proposed campaign will be running from November 2021 to April 2022 and with an estimated expense of Php170,000 pesos. VReal Cosmetics is expected to reach at least 20% of the total market size and have an increase in sales with a 30% growth compared to the same period last year.

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Cosmetics--Philippines--Ilocos Region--Marketing; Cosmetics--Philippines--Ilocos Region--Internet marketing; VReal Cosmetics (Philippines)--Marketing

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