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The year 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone. It has taken away numerous opportunities and possibilities that may have been realized. It has also curtailed the basic means of livelihood for the entire population. Millions of people have lost their jobs, their freedom, and their loved ones (de Vera, 2020). As if there is no light at the end of the tunnel, we have been forced to live in isolation. But despite all the challenges and hardships, one thing is certain, and that is the Filipino spirit. As we continue to tredge forward into the unknown, we have continued to adapt to the current situation. The “new normal” may have separated us physically, but it has also brought everyone together digitally.

Notwithstanding all the losses that the previous year has brought upon us, there is one thing that still stands and that is the Filipino’s love for food and celebration. These two come hand-in-hand, as food is a large part of the Filipino culture, and with every celebration, a wide array of food will always be present. It is not something to just fill your bellies up, but an entire experience in itself. This stems from the Filipino’s character of being hospitable. Currently with the pandemic still hovering above our heads, dining out has been restricted and strict rules on social distancing have been implemented. However, the Fiipino’s love for food and celebration has not been hindered completely. With the rise of the digitally-savvy Filipino, and the never ending isolation, businesses have shifted their attention online. Hence, restaurants are still thriving despite the current situation.

The food and beverage industry is still relevant and is still increasing despite the slow and stagnant growth from the previous year and this is because of the Philippines’ economic growth, and a solid consumer market and their spending capability. This has been the fuel to the Philippines’ food and beverage industry.

Auster’s At Summit Point Golf and Country Club is a restaurant that is situated in a golf club in Lipa, Batangas showcasing a scenic landscape that compliments the dishes that they have to offer. With the wide space, and the fresh air void of any pollution that the city has, Auster’s At Summit Point Golf and Country Club offers you a great place to get away and slow down, giving you time to reconnect with your friends and family, but also with yourself. Considering their 8 years in the industry, they have only built an audience that is already a member of the club, hence, their low awareness with the public masses. In addition to that, Auster’s At Summit Point Golf and Country Club has a weak digital presence, making them virtually unknown to the tech-savvy market.

This proposed Integrated Marketing Communications campaign is divided into three phases as there are limitations to what we can do. With that being said, for Phase 1, we aim to address their lack of digital presence by jump-starting their digital landscape by educating the market about who they are, and what they have to offer. Phase 1 will also be where we will focus on sales in order to have a strong and steady foundation for the next phase. Phase 2 and 3 on the other hand, will focus not only on further educating and spreading awareness to the market about the brand, but here we will also be able to strengthen their presence as well as increase their sales further. All Phases will be supported by Digital Marketing, Public Relations, and Sales Promotion.

We will be working on this campaign around a tight budget, hence we will be using tried and tested strategies that have proven to garner results. By the end of the campaign, the brand is expected to reach its financial goals, brand equity, and customer satisfaction.

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Auster's at Summit Point Golf and Country Club (Philippines)--Marketing; Auster's at Summit Point Golf and Country Club (Philippines)--Public relations; Restaurants--Philippines--Marketing

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