An integrated marketing communications campaign proposal for WaveDigital by Trendscend Digital Corp.

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Marketing Communications

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Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising

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Shane Aldrin Bellare

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Jose Luis Liongson

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Kristine Mutuc
Franchesca Audrey De Mesa


This study is an Integrated Marketing Campaign for WaveDigital by Trendscend, a business to business marketing agency that mainly offers digital marketing services such as social media management, content production, online advertising. However, they also have secondary services such as public relations, ecommerce, and branding services. WaveDigital by Trendscend Digital Corp. or WaveDigital for short, started in 2017. In four years of operating, they have been trusted by about 30 brands across different industries including healthcare, government, food and beverage, beauty, travel, hardware, power, automobile, pet care, insurance, fashion, real estate and more.

The researcher made an in-depth interview with their 3 current clients and 3 prospect clients and found out that these brands value most the agency's creative strategy quality, value for money, creative outputs and portfolio case studies. Fusing WaveDigital's strengths along with these clients' insights, the IMC big idea revolves around the messaging, "Let's Make Waves Together." The big idea communicates that WaveDigital is there to help them make "waves" for their brand with "waves" representing impact of the campaign and disruption or uniqueness in creativity.

This research focused on generating a total of 80 leads within the one-year campaign period. Due the company’s limited budget, this campaign will maximize the digital media platform to communicate to its target market. In order to achieve this objective, the IMC will use the AIDA model by making January - February 2022 be focused generally for awareness, March - April 2022 be focused on Interest, May - June 2022 focused on desire and July - September focused on action. All in all, the IMC aims to have a total of 200 website visits, 9 client referrals through account management, 400K Facebook reach, 40 Email clicks, and 200K Youtube views.

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Marketing; Internet marketing

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