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Master's Thesis

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Master of Marketing Communications

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Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising

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Edwin Mapanao

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Mary Julie V. Balarbar

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Joseph Emil N. Santos
Arturo B. Bayocot


The Philippine Public School Teachers Association, more commonly known as PPSTA, has been in the service of the public school teachers for more than 70 years. However, it has faced its fair share of issues both internal and external; with its most pressing matter at hand is its dwindling number of membership per year, which if not resolved, may result to the company struggling to survive in the ever competitive insurance industry. To find out more about the current situation, a Usage, Awareness, and Image survey form was disseminated to the intended target market – the public school teachers through Convenience Sampling Method.

Through analyses and interpretation of data, the findings resulted on the creating the recommendations in order to resolve PPSTA’s dwindling membership numbers. Apart from providing insights and perception of the target market about the product, the survey also gave way to the gauging of the target’s top-of-mind brands, as well as on their primary considerations in terms of availing life insurance prior to purchasing. It also provided the proponent an idea on the levels of exposure of the target market to different media which will be utilized in the campaign.

By targeting to attain at least 10,000 new members from the province of Batangas alone in a span of one (1) year, a campaign was recommended by the proponent that intends to attain the primary objective. Aside from that, the campaign is also expected to improve the brand’s social media presence through increased number of followers in its social media accounts, as well as to generate brand loyalty, and brand recall through creative materials that embodies the big idea.

A financial breakdown, as well as a media planning schedule was also presented in order to determine the movements to be done to accomplish the intended goal objectives. A cost-benefit table was also presented to provide an insight on the costing and the return of investment to the brand after each strategic execution.

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Philippine Public School Teachers Association--Marketing; Philippine Public School Teachers Association--Public relations; Teachers' unions--Philippines--Marketing

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