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Master's Thesis

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Master of Marketing Communications

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Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising

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Shane Aldrin Bellare

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Benison Cu

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Jose Luis Legaspi
Charissa Anne de Jesus


The integrated marketing communications (IMC) campaign is intended for Dad’s Organic Farm, a honey and organic body products brand registered as Cebu Beefarm, Inc. Dad’s Organic Farm provides pure honey and handmade by-products that are locally produced and harvested. The brand guarantees products that are made without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents which are healthier choices for nutrition and personal skincare.

Although honey is the major produce of the company, this IMC campaign puts the spotlight on their organic/natural soap line that consists of four variants namely Honeycomb, Honeymilk, Rosemary, and Lemongrass Soap. These products have equally contributed to the company’s sales and have gained traction from customers – consumers and corporate accounts alike. This is aligned with the endeavor of the company to boost brand awareness, expand its reach, and improve sales in this product category. Headquartered in Cebu City, Philippines, the majority of the company’s customers come from the city. However, they cater to customers throughout the country through logistics and delivery.

To create a sound IMC campaign, a research study was conducted to analyze the opportunities available for the brand. After data gathering and analyses, recurring themes were identified which revolves around the target market’s interest in the benefits of organic soaps on the skin. They purchase organic/natural soaps with their moisturizing and antibacterial benefits as the primary motivators and are open to learning more about the other effects of certain soap ingredients. They are also inclined to support locally made personal care products and are willing to spend more on these products.

With these insights and the product truths, the big idea for the IMC campaign is “Your Natural Skin Therapy”. The big idea aims to emphasize the role of honey and natural ingredients in elevating the skin conditions of its users.

Targeted to expand brand awareness among females ages 24-34 in key areas such as Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao, the six-month IMC campaign aims to increase the brand’s sales by 10% which is equivalent to Php 1, 155, 110 based on its 2019 performance. Furthermore, the campaign also aims to increase brand awareness by 100%, specifically for Dad’s Organic Farm’s Facebook Page likes and Instagram followers to double and have 10, 200 likes and 300 followers by the end of the campaign period. To achieve this, an IMC campaign budget allocated for the campaign amounts to Php 50,000, as provided by the brand, which is 4.33% of the target sales set for this campaign. The media strategies proposed for this campaign are Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and YouTube Ads, as well as having official Shopee and BeautyMnl stores. Nice-to-have strategies were also suggested for strategies that can further boost the effectiveness of the campaign.

After the campaign period, it is expected to have achieved the objectives set. It is also expected to inspire the brand to create more IMC campaigns for the different product categories that Dad’s Organic Farm has such as the edibles, including the honey, raw honey comb, salad dressings, and their other wellness products such as their beeswax candles.

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