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An integrated marketing communications campaign for Goodbag PH

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Marketing Communications

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Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising

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Edwin C. Mapanao

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Jose Luis Liongson

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Alice Katherine Tenorio
Divina Gracia G. Encluna


As the world continues to move forward from what COVID-19 halted us into. It is unforeseeable how badly this pandemic hit us, the world shifted around the way of work, lifestyle, and habits. Most of the days were filled with online meetings, work-from-home, staying at home, and social distancing became the new normal. Noting also other natural calamities that surprised us last 2020, from Taal’s eruption to typhoons that hit the country last Q3. Businesses also strive in order to continue and remain profitable. Bag brands were among the businesses that suffered a decline for its demand.

Even though bag brands are considered as non-essential commodities, we can’t also deny that this pandemic made us focus on other needs such as self-care as part of one’s well-being. GoodBagPH promises to deliver quality and stylish locally-made personalized bags without guilt.

This paper covers an analysis on GoodBagPH, its industry, and its target market in order to come up with an integrated marketing communications campaign that aims to increase brand awareness and its online sales. Measurable objectives of the campaign are 15% increase in the brand’s social media Followers with a total of 4,953 Facebook page Likes and 14,490 Instagram Followers at the end of the campaign period. For online sales, a measurable objective is to increase the online sales by at least 10% based on 2019 online sales revenue of 905,762.80 pesos with a total amount of 996,339.08 pesos at the end of the campaign period. The campaign duration is for six (6) months.

This campaign will primarily target millennial moms, 24 - 40 years old with a secondary target market of general female millennials, belonging to the same income class, lower-middle-income class to upper-middle-income class.

Marketing Strategies proposed in this campaign are digital marketing such as social media paid ads for Facebook and Instagram, content strategy leading to more user-generated content, creating a Google+ MyBusiness page for legitimacy and online presence, Shopee paid ads, public relations through nano-influencer, thematic sales promotions, and affinity partnerships. A rebranding was also recommended, such as a proposed new logo and brand guidelines were included in this campaign. All these initiatives are under the P50,000 allocated marketing budget, which is approximately equivalent to 5% of the estimated target sales.

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136 pages, color illustrations


GoodBagPH--Marketing; Bags--Marketing--Philippines

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