Institutionalizing an action and inquiry inventory log to monitor progress and completion of client requests in the Client Servicing Department of Paradox Research, Inc.

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Business Administration


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Management and Organization Department

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Angelique Blasa-Cheng

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Shieradel Jimenez

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Denver Daradar

Erwin Carlo Gonzales


Customer Satisfaction plays an important role in business strategies. It is defined as the manifestation of customers appraisal and feedback. Numerous studies conclude that there is a direct correlation between customer satisfaction and revenue generation. Hence, this study focused on improving the overall customer satisfaction for the Client Servicing team of Paradox Research, Inc. The department was experiencing challenges from a client management standpoint. For example, there were difficulties in monitoring inquiries raised by various clients, some inquiries were left unresolved. This in return results in poor inquiry resolution and eventually customer dissatisfaction. The research together with collaborators implemented Integrated Action Research (IAR) to resolve the issue. After two cycles they concluded that the issue was rooted in 3 main categories: the need for a comprehensive tracking mechanism, issues on client management, and a need for stronger team collaboration. In the first cycle, they implemented the usage of the Risks, Action, Issue, and Decision (R.A.I.D) Log to monitor progress and completion of client inquiries. They were also successful in measuring the average handling time applying, the same tracking methodology. As a result, they were able to improve the feedback mechanism from a client management perspective. Meanwhile, for the second cycle, they extended the application of R.A.I.D. log to the other departments to address information dependencies. They also defined the glide path to improve the average handling time from the first cycle. The latter cycle then concluded to an agreement on shorter turnaround time and stronger team collaboration.

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Consumer satisfaction; Customer services

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