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Master's Thesis

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Master of Business Administration

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Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Management and Organization Department

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Maria Victoria P. Tibon

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Mary Margaret Que

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Marissa C. Marasigan
Frances Jeanne Sarmiento


The internet has given birth to a growing number of businesses and companies. Two trends are occurring in the E-commerce industry, its scope is expanding and unstoppable. However, its category has become more specific. Under this background, James found a platform where interior designers can select any materials. He did not only have enormous and professional knowledge in decoration materials, but also collected a lot of suppliers’ resources in this industry. However, he lacks knowledge and experience in founding and operating a business. When I joined the FFEcat platform, we wanted to create it as the best decoration material selecting platform. The first issue when we started to operate our platform was the lack of direction. We did not have a clear value presentation and business model, in spite of James having a great blueprint. In order to define our direction to conduct the operation, we used business model canvas as a framework to draw our map. All collaborators individually drew the business model canvas and then we integrated them. Eventually, we have the map that we can use to achieve value proposition and gain revenue. After we were clear with our direction to conduct operation, we went to formally conduct operations. The monthly expense increased than usual, as the unique investor, James was experiencing heavy pressure. We were going to explore a way to solve issues in funds to conduct operations. We issued 5 options, after force field analysis, we decided to collect a joining fee from suppliers as the outlet. We used 5 critical steps to develop a marketing plan as the main framework. In the meantime, we used SWOT analysis to select our strategy and OKR as our performance management system. Although we make specific planning and objectives, because the time is not ripe, our testing is unsuccessful. We have to shift to another outlet.

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Electronic commerce

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