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Integrative action research

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Business Administration

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Business Administration, Management, and Operations


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Management and Organization Department

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Mary Margaret Que

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Ma. Paquita Bonnet

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Karen Selina Aquino
Denver Bingski Daradar


This Insider Action Research improved the productivity tracker of Service Bankers in Retail Branch Banking Department. The project aims to understand the reason why the overtime and account opening errors of Service Bankers are significantly increasing. In doing this, the action researcher and collaborators needs to improve the productivity tracker in order to assess the workload situation in the organization and effectively manager the workload

Through action research and methods of inquiry, together as a team, we were able to acknowledged our objectives, what are we trying to achieve and what are the team’s expectations throughout the process. To successfully implement change in the team of Service Bankers, the action researcher together with her collaborators adopted the GRPI model to further validate the construction of main issue and propose viable solutions to the underlying business concern. We evaluated the team’s individual performance and productivity to raise awareness and address the issues using four fundamental dimensions. The researcher also used Kurt Lewin’s Change Management Model, GRPI Model, RACI Matrix, and Usability Framework were used as third-person inquiry to guide the researcher and collaborators in each cycle.

After creating a productivity tracker in Cycle 1 that shows the individual deliverables and volume of transaction activities done by each Service Banker, the team analyzed the data and realized that the workload were not properly distributed when the skeleton workforce setup was implemented. Therefore when we transitioned to cycle 2, the action researcher and collaborators decided to focus more on improving the tracker by adding the volume of transactions per portfolio so we could use it as more reliable source of information in reallocating the workload evenly and as basis of our managers in productivity monitoring most especially while we are working from home.

To evaluate and measure how effective and efficient is the productivity tracker that we had improved in Cycle 1 and 2, the team used the Usability Framework to avoid user dissatisfaction and instead, improve user experience. This framework had been useful for the team because it revealed potential usability problemsand allowed us to examine if there were still areas for improvement.

In a broader context, other organization could use this action research as reference in improving workload distribution by creating a more effective and usable productivity tracker. In identifying clearly the goals, developing an understanding of the roles, examining thoroughly the process, and building interpersonal relationships among team members, this could help in the continuous improvement of business solutions and processes.

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Financial services industry--Philippines; Citibank Philippines; Productivity accounting

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