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Insider Action Research

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Master of Business Administration

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Human Resources Management | Technology and Innovation


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Management and Organization Department

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Maria Paquita D. Bonnet

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Shieradel V. Jimenez

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Jhoanna Marie Rull
Maricel Balatbat


Establishing good and appropriate hierarchal connectivity or call tree process with the employee is a factor in the organization’s success, especially during crises such as typhoons, earthquakes, etc. In accounting for employees, some companies have developed their emergency notification systems (EMS) to create alerts for employees while others have invested in two (2)-way communications wherein employees can respond. There is an opportunity to use the information in accounting for employees to create data-driven decisions and business insights for the operations. The research was conducted in a shared services organization in three (3) countries to interpret the factors and create solutions for process efficiency. The methodology used is two (2) cycles of action methodology with a customized scrum methodology to introduce an incremental change in the organization. In addition, the Process, People, and Technology (PPT) framework is used to understand the boundaries and balance in creating a technology-enabled process in accounting for employees. With the use of the PPT framework, we identified the issues and found out that technology can be used to improve the process and people thus creating a process flow with technology integration and a tool to be used in accounting for employees. After 2 cycles of implementation of the action research, there was a significant improvement in the process which create spaces for the participating employees. Created spaces in the people are used for other value-adding activities. The research also concluded that people are the most important factor in the golden triangle (people, process, and technology).

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Communication in crisis management; Crisis management

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