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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts in Language and Literature Major in Literature

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Language Interpretation and Translation


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Literature, Department of

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Clarissa V. Militante

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John Iremil E. Teodoro

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Ralph Semino Galán
Maynard Manansala


The translation of the Arabian Nights from English into Filipino offers world literature to Filipino readers. The primary purpose of this project is for appreciation and intellectualization of the Filipino language by being a reference material in the academe. It should also serve as a cultural vehicle that introduces and exemplifies global culture and experience into the Filipino context. Cruz, supported by Damrosch, said that most works included in the canon are not originally written in English but in other foreign languages (65). So, if there is a need to translate the language, why not in Filipino? The material is highly relevant to today’s society as it discusses the experiences and struggles of women in a highly patriarchal society. The translation also followed the Kagawaran sa Wikang Filipino’s (KWF) Manwal sa Masinop na Pagsulat (2014) to keep the language standardized. It will also follow the model proposed by Cruz in his essay “Sining nga ba ang Pagsasalin?” (1985). The translation will be first translated literally- word for word, sentence by sentence, then language to language. Once done, the translated text will be compared to the original to determine the appropriateness of the translation before working on the creative aspect. Once the literary output is done, a learning module appropriate to secondary learners based on the competencies provided by the Department of Education is also created.

Keywords: Filipino, intellectualization, Arabian Nights, world literature, English

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Folklore--Arab countries--Translations; Literature--Arab countries; English language—Translating into Filipino

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