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Master of Science in Information Technology

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Michelle Renee D. Ching

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Lissa Andrea Magpantay

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Renato Jose Molano
Alain Encarnacion


Information Technology and Quality Management System are two different strategies to drive growth and development in organizations that when combined can bring greater impact. This study developed a Technology Adoption Framework that may be adopted by Schools Division Offices in the Department of Education for the effective selection, utilization, and management of technology in the implementation of ISO 9001:2015, the widely used standard for Quality Management System. It utilized the Plan-Do-Check-Act approach as a conceptual framework to ensure that the procedure of conducting the study will be systematic. The literature review focused on two major areas, Quality Management System and its implementation locally and abroad, and, Technology Adoption, its models and adoption in different organizations. The research paradigm is constructivism, deductive method is the research approach in extracting theories from various sources, and qualitative method is the research design. For the data collection methods, individual virtual interview and survey questionnaire were utilized. The data gathered from the surveys underwent descriptive statistics as well as Cronbach’s Alpha test. For data analysis, content analysis, case study approach and data triangulation were employed. The results of literature review and surveys showed different context of technology adoption and it helped in defining some constructs in the framework. As a result, this study was able to identify five major inputs prior to technology adoption which may lead to desirable outcomes leading to efficient and productive implementation of Quality Management System in a Schools Division Office. It is recommended that other Schools Division Office to attempt exploring the technology adoption framework in their respective organizations.

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