Assessment of the effectiveness of a knowledge management system for the Advanced Analytics Department of Globe Telecom, Inc.

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Information Technology

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Computer Sciences | Databases and Information Systems


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Information Technology

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Lissa Andrea K. Magpantay

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Oliver Malabanan

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Marivic Tangkeko
Michelle Renee Ching


Over time, there has been a steady rise in the use of digital tools and technologies to augment their day-to-day operations. Globe Telecom, one of the major telecommunication service providers in the Philippines, relies on its Advanced Analytics department to create predictive models that can help streamline its marketing efforts and increase the personalization of its customers.

Data scientists deal with different types of knowledge in creating predictive models, making the current model development and operationalization process challenging. Thus, the general objective of the research is to pilot a Knowledge Management System (KMS) to make creating, storing, sharing, and retrieving information more accessible and efficient. The study used the success dimensions indicated in DeLone and McLean's model to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed KMS. The research utilized a mixed method of qualitative techniques to perform content analysis and quantitative approaches to describe the study results statistically.

Participants were instructed to use Confluence to codify and document their work. The results gathered from the study show a favorable response, especially on metrics related to system quality, knowledge quality, and service quality. However, the limited exposure of the participants got a neutral rating in terms of usage and user satisfaction. However, the features of the KM software still helped the participants accomplish basic tasks making the net benefit metric also a positive one.

Keywords: Knowledge Management, Data Science, Confluence

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Knowledge management; Data mining

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