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Master's Thesis

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Master in Risk and Insurance Management

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Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Financial Management Department

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Dennis Berino

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Edwin Valeroso

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Tomas Tiu
Soleil Baria


“Sales skills are a valuable resource to companies, since salespeople have a key role in building up relationships with customers” (Behrman & Perrault, 1984). Due to the direct relationship present among insurance companies, the performance of insurance agents is significant to the insurance companies. Insurance agents are vital to the survival of the insurance companies—they open the door of opportunities, seek potential clients and generate potential income for the company. Indeed, they are the front liners of the insurance company. “Few studies have been conducted on sales force performance, especially in insurance organizations and companies. In these types of organizations, the main burden of the profitability and performance of the organization lies with the sales force. Therefore, it seems necessary to focus on ways to improve the performance of sales forces” (Fallah et al., 2018).

This study examined the effect of self-efficacy, locus of control, creativity and motivation on the commissions earned of insurance agents. Further, an additional robust analysis and discussion on the possible moderating impact of internal motivation and external motivation on creativity and commissions earned of insurance agents. A primary data was collected using questionnaires to the top 20 insurance agents of the top 10 life insurance agents of the Philippines. The final result of data analysis revealed that self-efficacy, locus of control—powerful others, intrinsic motivation and external motivation significantly affect the commissions earned of insurance agent. However, locus of control—internal, locus of control—external and creativity do not significantly affect the commissions earned of the insurance agents. While the moderating effect of internal motivation and external motivation on creativity and commissions earned of insurance agents is not supported. Recommendations and direction for future research were discussed on the paper.

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Insurance agents—Philippines; Selling—Insurance—Philippines

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