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Master of Arts in Education Major in Special Education

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Special Education and Teaching


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Thelma Mingoa

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Voltaire Mistades
Arvie Andal


This study determines the impact of a caregiver-led intervention based on the Promoting Communication Strategies – Tools for Advancing Language in Kids (PC- TALK) model on the language-learning outcomes of a two-year-old boy with delayed speech. This study used a single-subject explanatory sequential mixed methods design and several tools for quantitative and qualitative data collection to measure the child’s language-learning outcomes and understand specific factors that contribute to them. After eight weeks of implementation, which included weekly caregiver coaching and modeling of strategy use, the child showed noticeably higher language development scores in the post-implementation phase and more achieved developmental milestones, indicating the intervention’s clinically significant impact on the child’s language-learning outcomes. The simple and easy-to-use strategies integrated into routines and activities, the components, and the eight-week coaching are three factors that mainly contributed to the language-learning outcomes of the child.

Keywords: caregiver-led intervention, PC-TALK, delayed speech, communication strategies, ifidelity, caregiver coaching, early intervention

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Children—Language; Language acquisition; PC-talk; Speech disorders in children

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