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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education

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Early Childhood Education


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Educational Leadership and Management

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Jasper Vincent Alontaga

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Anne Marie Ramos

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Ma. Carolina DeOcampo
Ma. Rita Tapales


This research focuses on the relationship of digital media consumption with the grittiness of Filipino children 7-8 years old. This study followed an explanatory sequential research design method. It involved 78 children and 76 parents gathered through snowball sampling. Despite the prevalence of digital devices and digital media consumption in Filipino homes, results of the research showed that there is no significant relationship between digital media consumption and grittiness of children. However, specific digital media activities such as listening to music, instant messaging, and social media were found to have significant correlations to grit. The perception of parents on how digital media consumption affects the grittiness of their children were also gathered and four major themes emerged - the role of the digital in the home, the perceived effects of digital, parent interventions to manage digital consumption, and the child’s nature, which according to parents influence digital media consumption. This research has revealed how extensive the reach and penetration of digital devices and media are in Filipino homes. Thus, it is important that stakeholders in childcare learn how to capitalize on the digital interests of children to develop grit. Given limitations of this research, it is recommended that the study include segments in the socio-economic class that were not well represented. It will also be beneficial if future studies would look at the perspective of Filipino children on their motivations, routine, and decision making when it comes to digital media consumption. This insight will give better understanding on what drives digital media usage and how to gain from it to enhance the child’s grit to learn.

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