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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts in Counseling

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Counseling | Counselor Education | Education | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Student Counseling and Personnel Services


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Counseling and Educational Psychology

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Nino Jose Mateo

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Estesa Xaris Que-Legaspi

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Jose Alberto S. Reyes
Ma. Christina Saldivar


This study explored the professional identity of guidance counselors in Indonesia and the factors that influence its development. Thirty-three counselors from elementary, junior high and senior high school levels were interviewed to explore their perceptions and experiences about being an Indonesian guidance counselor. Their responses were analyzed thematically. The findings revealed that the teaching profession as a strong influence from the initial entry of Indonesian guidance counselors to their eventual decision to remain as guidance counselors. The biggest challenges they faced are related to misconceptions about their identity, limited resources from superiors, and significant overlap of the counseling profession with the teaching profession. The challenges and career entry decisions significantly influence Indonesian guidance counselors‟ view of themselves. As professionals in counseling, Indonesian guidance counselors still need to continuously improve and develop themselves professionally, as well as possess specific qualities and skills in the field. Being an Indonesian guidance counselor means performing both counseling and non-counseling tasks. They also see their identity as distinct from other mental health professions due to its unique features of being a blend of education and psychology. The findings also revealed the strong influence of the teaching profession on the identity of Indonesian guidance counselors. Results were discussed in light of its implications to the continuing professional identity development of Indonesian guidance counselors.

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Student counselors--Indonesia; Identity (Psychology); Vocational guidance; Educational counseling

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