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Master's Thesis

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Master in Learning and Teaching

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Curriculum and Instruction | Education


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Counseling and Educational Psychology

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Angela Abaya-Garcia

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Christine Joy Ballada

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Dorothy Joann Lei Labrador
Karina Crisostomo


This study described the experiences of Learner-Centered trained teachers in their application of the APA Learner-Centered principles in their classrooms. Through one-on-one interviews and the artifacts shown, the researcher utilized content analysis in the presentation of the results of this qualitative study. Based on the findings, it has revealed that their evident practices included the following: guide students to construct meaning from experience, scaffold their learning, employ vicarious learning, ensure a nurturing environment by setting an open and friendly learning atmosphere, provide opportunities for choices in class, incorporate strategies for student engagement, prepare developmentally appropriate activities, involve students’ families, establish a climate for learning, take account students’ learning preferences, respect differences in background/culture, sensitivity to the students’ socio-economic status, align assessments with competencies per grade level, and utilize diagnostic, ongoing and authentic assessments. The study has revealed that at large, teachers, school administrators, and students provide support in their LC practices in the classroom; however, considered barriers were the presence of systemic practices and the differences of perception about learning. In this light, the recommendations were to conduct training or forums with educational practitioners focusing on the application of the LC principles in practice and align curriculum and programs for both students and teachers to LCE.

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Student-centered learning; Education--Philippines

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