Utilizing classroom assessment techniques as tool for student engagement in online learning

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Master's Thesis

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Master in Learning and Teaching

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Educational Methods | Online and Distance Education


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Counseling and Educational Psychology

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John Addy S. Garcia

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Jerome A. Ouano

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Karina A. Crisostomo
Angela Luisa Abaya-Garcia


The action research focused on the improvement of Online Student Engagement (OSE) of two grade 11 senior high school students in the utilization of the Classroom Assessment Technique (CAT) during online learning. The research was implemented in two STEM 11 classes with 38 students each and had been under the supervision of the teacher-researcher before the implementation. The study showed that chain notes contributed significant improvement in pre-test and post-test online student engagement t (36) = -3.00, p = .005. However, punctuated lectures did not show significant improvement in their online student engagement, t (36) = -1.96, p = .058. The qualitative data indicate how the use of chain notes as a classroom assessment technique facilitated student engagement by having students ask more questions, read responses, and have more breaks with questions, which in turn, increased belongingness, breaks with questions provided an opportunity for organizing thoughts, asking more questions served as a reflective opportunity, and reading the responses acted as an avenue for feedback and suggestion box. In the same way, punctuated lectures as assessment techniques facilitate better online student engagement such as using questions as reminders to focus, responses increase comfortability to participate more, improve the student-teacher relationship, and breaks as a breather. The study recommends assigning opportunities for interaction, or feedback in between discussions preferably during breaks to gauge where to adjust instruction that would tailor fit the needs and requests of the students. Additionally, the research presented that breaks are necessary for students in an online learning set-up and have longer discussion time to lessen the cognitive load and less frustration. Hence, the utilization of CAT can be as a strategy to carefully design opportunities for interaction and feedback for the students.

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Educational tests and measurements; Web-based instruction

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