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Master's Thesis

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Master in Information Security

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Information Security


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Computer Technology

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Marnel S. Peradilla

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Gregory Cu

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Marnel S. Peradilla
Victorino Tolosa, II


An Identity and Access Management (IAM) tool is essential for a Philippine Telecommunications company to ensure that only authorized users will have access to sensitive data at the right time for the right reasons and to comply with industry regulations. The cybersecurity landscape is continuously evolving, and we must always ask, does my current solution offer the agility, scalability, and security benefits my enterprise now needs?

The current tool, the Philippine Telco, has already gone through multiple Phases but has yet to mature the way the company wanted it to. The way it was deployed was full of compromises, therefore not delivering optimal data. There is an issue with storage, solution process maturity, and the need for internal and external support. That is why the company is opting to change the current tool.

The researcher made this paper in search of which tool would best fit the company. In terms of which will match the company's use cases and solve the issues they have with their current tool. The researcher considered a solution's scalability, integration with the current and future tools, user experience, and support coming from the vendors.

Two solutions were shortlisted, and one of them will be the recommendation of this paper to the top management of Telco once the budget has been approved. The paper will serve as a guide on the observations of the company's researcher, stakeholders, and IAM experts on why the tool was chosen as the replacement for the existing tool.

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System design—Data processing; Electronic data processing; Computer security; Data protection

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