Theses/Dissertations from 2023


Building a cost-effective, fault-tolerant, and hardened onprem infrastructure with IaaS for disaster resiliency, Jason M. Ampoloquio


Assessment of information technology (IT) services and development of issue-specific security policies of a government agency using ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard, Justin J. Buenaventura

Enhancing security and incident response of Google Workspace for Education: A basis for developing an automated toolkit for privacy management, Raymond D. Canalita

CIS-based security maturity assessment tool development, Joy Mae D. Chavez


Pilot study on evaluating the effectiveness of a proposed phishing awareness training program for healthcare providers, Vilmer C. Morales

A framework for civil aviation data protection, Gian Carlo L. Pallera


A case study on which IAM tool would be the best fit for a Philippine Telco, Patrick Roniel M. Paulino


Security assessment through vulnerability scan and risk scoring, Danica Mae P. Reginio

Design and implementation for monitoring and control system in data center operations, Adrian C. Rubico


Fortifying network attached storage: Implementation of multifactor authentication and drive sharing protocol for robust data protection for DLSU CCS TSG, Aaron Earl DG. Samsico

Proposed red team development and training workflow program for a Power Grid Company in the Philippines, Roma O. Santos


Third-party security risk assessment and rating, Jovic O. Trinidad

Theses/Dissertations from 2022

A case study on attack detection capabilities between open-source intrusion detection systems, Adrian Giovanni G. Ascan

Regulation-based information security maturity assessment framework, Jonas Jason T. Baltasar

Implementing cyber security incident response playbook in a Philippine power-grid company, Keinaz N. Domingo

Security assessment via vulnerability assessment: Case of the CCS-TSG of DLSU Manila, Orock EgbeAyuk


Development of security risk assessment procedure based on HITRUST security framework, Jay-Ar T. Formalejo

Comparative performance analysis between open-source virtual firewalls, Regulus D. Fuentes Jr.

Partial implementation of known articles to a company of hypothetical units/users – digital forensics and incident response readiness: Shockingly ready, Jerome E. Gutierrez

Implementing cloud-based data loss prevention to SolarPower company, Michael Angelo P. Inocencio

Blockchain integrated log management system, Robert Nicole B. Malagad


Secured and fault tolerant infrastructure: Implementation of an open source web application firewall, Glenn Rommel H. Salaguste


DLSU CCS-TSG installation and configuration of a secure service desk and change management system (with workflow capabilities), Dejeannie Gayle B. Tieng


Implementing open-source security information and event management system (SIEM) for private cloud infrastructure of DLSU CCS-TSG, Elijah Dale M. Vidanes


Improving security posture by mitigating common active directory security misconfigurations in active directory environments, Christian Joseph D. Villapando

Theses/Dissertations from 2021

Design and development of an executive course in information security: A multidisciplinary fundamentals project for legal advise and advocacy track, John Francis L. Faustorilla Jr.