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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Chemical Engineering

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Michael Angelo B. Promentilla
Raymond Girard R. Tan

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Vergel C. Bungay

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Martin Ernesto L. Kalaw
Denvert C. Pangayao


Geopolymers are potential alternative construction materials to Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), considering the environmental issues associated with the latter. Geopolymers result from the chemical activation of aluminosilicate materials using an alkaline liquid, forming an inorganic polymeric network. The resulting material is like cementitious materials, which use OPC as the base. The proposed thesis aims to design an overall geopolymer process using P-Graph Technique. The chemical and physical flows are based on data in the literature and relevant factors that influence the properties of the final product. This study also quantifies the cradle-to-gate environmental impacts of a localized geopolymer process in the Philippines and contrasts the impacts of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). The Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) analysis was performed using OpenLCA software and Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) using IPCC 2013 methodology. P-Graph results show that Geopolymer technology can be adopted locally, and feasibility is ensured by producing various combinations of precast products. The most economically viable products are tile grout and interlocking bricks. The optimal design of the facility ensures a daily profit of ₱77,844.01. Environmental assessments show that 33.8 to 36% carbon savings can be achieved in a replacement scenario from OPC to Geopolymer technology. GP concrete with an RHA-based activator has a similar Global Warming Potential (GWP) as GP made using a commercial activator with GHG emissions of 230.71 kg CO2 eq. and 238.96 kg CO2 eq., respectively. The main contributors to the impacts are the production of the alkali activators, which indicates that the electricity generation mix has a significant influence on the environmental sustainability of GP.

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176 leaves, color illustrations


Precast concrete; Polymer-impregnated concrete

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