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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering Gold Thesis Award

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Alvin B. Culaba
Aristotle T. Ubando

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Neil Lopez

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Gerardo Augusto
Marco Montaño


The packaging industry contributes to most of the primary plastic production, with low density polyethylene (LDPE) as the type of polymer that generates the most plastic waste. To solve this issue, bioplastics were developed as a possible alternative to conventional plastic; However, there are no viable, commercially available, biodegradable thermoplastic polymer options being produced in the Philippines. Since the Philippines is one of the leading producers of seaweed, this study aims to use carrageenan as a raw material to create a bioplastic material suitable for single-use, non-food contact packaging applications. In this study, 6 unique bioplastic formulations were synthesized using carrageenan as their raw material. Samples A, C, and E used Kappa-Carrageenan used often for meat while Samples B, D, and F were made using Kappa-carrageenan commonly used for ice cream. All 6 samples had undergone various tests to determine their properties. These tests are an ASTM D882 tensile test, an ASTM D1709 impact resistance test, an ASTM D5988-18 biodegradability test, and a solubility test. Also, a solar drying test was conducted as a possible solution to speed up the drying process. Sample C was concluded to be the most promising formula with a tensile strength of 19.4 MPa, an elongation at break of 9.86%, a rate of biodegradation of -2.2498 cm2/week and a moisture content of 15.86%. The results from the solar drying test showed that recirculation of air is crucial to speeding up the drying process of the bioplastic. To determine how environmentally friendly the bioplastic material is compared to conventional plastic. A Life Cycle Analysis is recommended for future studies.

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xii, 139 leaves, color illustrations


Biodegradable plastics--Philippines; Chondrus crispus--Philippines

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