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Marketing Plan

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Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management

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Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising

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Luz T. Suplico Jeong

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Raymond G. Vergara

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Robert V. Espiritu

Vanessa C. Baluyut


OWNDAYS is a Japanese eyewear brand or optical store that was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1989 and now operates in 11 other different countries, including the Philippines in 2015 where they currently have 60 branches. The brand offers 1,500 styles of frames of eyeglasses for all ages and genders. They are known for their unique store layout, wide variety of frames, quality products, and state-of-the-art technology that processes eyeglasses in just 20 minutes. Since wearing eyeglasses for vision is a necessity, OWNDAYS was not greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic but this Japanese brand still struggles with brand identity and brand awareness in the Philippines when competing with the other major competitors in the optical industry, such as Executive Optical (EO), Sunnies Studios, and Ideal Vision. The main goal of this marketing plan is to increase brand awareness and make OWNDAYS the most preferred optical store in the Philippines that offers value-for-money quality eyeglasses and services. Although their eyeglasses are for all ages, the proposed target market for the focus of this marketing plan are 18-24 year olds in SEC A, B, and C, who wear eyeglasses and live in Metro Manila. These Gen Zs are tech savvy, stylish, updated with the trends, but look for quality eyeglasses that have the best value for money. After gathering results from a UAI survey and a Focus Group Discussion (FGD), as well as using secondary resources, as a basis for the one-year marketing plan for April 2022 to March 2023, the group has proposed a new unique selling point for OWNDAYS Philippines that will align the different marketing programs including: product development/innovation program (new packaging and case designs), sales and distribution (kiosks and partnerships), advertising (increase marketing efforts online, new social media accounts), sales promotion (relevant discounts and a customer loyalty program), and public relations (macro- and micro-influencers). Based on estimated costs for the investment plan, the programs of the campaign would cost Php 18,936,020.00, and the estimated profit if it is implemented would be Php 77,063,980.00.

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