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Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign

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Bachelor of Science in Advertising Management

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Advertising and Promotion Management


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising

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Dave Vincent A. Mangilet

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Mary Julie V. Balarbar

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Miguel Paolo L. Paredes
Franz Josef Magallanes


KitKat is a confectionary brand first launched in the United Kingdom in 1935, known for its chocolate-covered wafer bar confection. The brand is known for its famous slogan “Have a break, have a KitKat” and has been used ever since it was used in 1958. Although KitKat’s media target covers a wide range of consumers—from 15 to 50 years old belonging in socioeconomic classes ABC—the brand’s main customer segment focuses on young professionals. Over the past decade, KitKat’s advertisements have primarily targeted working millennials. With Gen Z entering the workforce, the brand has since been tapping into said demographic as well. With KitKat establishing its brand awareness in the confectionery industry, the researchers would like to further improve the brand’s relevance, as well as innovate the slogan to cater to today’s situation. The researchers were able to conduct one (1) Usage, Attitudes, and Imagery Survey Questionnaire that is accompanied by a short research survey based on the Theory of Planned Behavior framework and one (1) Focus Group Discussion in order to gather insights. With a total of 151 respondents and 24 participants respectively, the researchers were able to further understand the behavior of Gen Z who are already working. Results show that stress is the highest concern among them. More importantly, all are social media users. Subjective norms and perceived behavioral control resulted to have more influence on the chocolate purchase intention of the said market. Hence, the media to be utilized for the proposed campaign are primarily digital, followed by out-of-home. With the target market being the growing Gen Z young professionals, the campaign revolves around the concept of progressing but also being mindful of taking breaks in order to strive and progress stronger. The proposed campaign for KitKat, “Give Way for Breaks”, aims to highlight the importance of giving way for intentional and uplifting breaks to help them move towards their success.

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Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign

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