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Bachelor of Arts in History

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Jose Victor D. Jimenez

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Arleigh Ross D. Dela Cruz
Marlon S. Delupio


One of the defining characteristics of the Ramos administration was his banner socio-economic program, Philippines 2000. This program aimed to turn the Philippines into a newly industrialized country by the year 2000. His term was notable for turning the Philippine economy from the sick man of Asia into a "tiger economy." This study aimed to assess how the neoliberal plans ideologies of the Ramos administration was used as governmentality in the implementation of the Philippines 2000 program. The study used a descriptive narrative and analytical approach in the study. It used different primary and secondary sources to present and analyze the different neoliberal policies implemented and its corresponding effects during the presidential term of Fidel V. Ramos. Sudden liberalization policies implemented under the Marcos regime, in tandem with the global recession resulted to deep economic contraction. SAPs under the Marcos regime failed to industrialize the country but also increased unemployment rates. On the contrary, under the Aquino presidency, minimal economic recovery was attained through the different multilateral aid packages which also prompted implementation of liberalization policies. However, political and natural disasters impeded the little growth attained during her term to continue. The Privatization and Deregulation program pursued in line with the Philippines 2000 program was able to generate the government revenue and increase private sector participation in key industries in the economy. This opened local economy to competition which resulted to improved quality of products, services and prices. Growth indicators slowly improved as a result of competition and liberalization of markets.

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Neoliberalism; Privatization; Deregulation; Ramos, Fidel V., 1928-; Philippines—Politics and government--1986-; Philippines—Politics and government--Administration

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