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The name AGAS comes from the Visayas word that means 'flow' when translated. This is a representation of the process of our product, which is a water filter, that allows water from different sources to flow through the filter to become clean and potable drinking water. It is also represented in the company logo which is a sea green half circle, which would then be connected by the word AGAS just like how the product connects the environment to the consumers through clean potable water anytime, anywhere.

The company itself is founded by Christian Cabarloc, Sean Ng, Joshua Salavarria, and Shaia Uy, undergraduate Entrepreneurship students from De La Salle University. They would be contributing funds from their own personal savings for a total of 80,000 as a start-up capital for the company This company was not only be made for the purpose of compliance, but also to provide the market with a product to use the environment to help solve the water crisis in the Philippines.

The AGAS Water Filter would be in short, a Water Filter capable of filtering out bacteria, and protozoa turn the most common sources of water into potable water. It is designed to universally fit wide mouth water bottles such as Hydro Flask, Klean Kanteen, Takeya, Nalgene, and most water bottles with a wide mouth design. The function of the water bottle would be using the straw of the AGAS water bottle lid and use the force generated by the consumer to drive the water into the water filter situated at the bottom of the straw. The filter used in the AGAS water filter will be using the Ultrafiltration method of filtering which basically forces the water through layers of ultra-thin membranes to filter out contaminants.

According to the Industry Analysis, the industry for water filters are a very niche market in the Philippines despite its global appeal. However, the current situation of the country, specifically in regards to water scarcity, proves beneficial to the product cause of the demand of the market increasing. This is because there are still a lot of areas in the country with no to little access to clean, drinking potable water. AGAS aims to help alleviate this situation by producing a low-cost water filter that can give people a way to get their daily needs of water.

For the Marketing Plan, the Price of ₱849 pesos is very feasible for a low-cost product like the water filter. This is the best price to sell the product based on the UAI and FGD survey reports conducted by the students prior to the making of this output. The UAI and FGD survey also gave the company some significant inputs that can prove beneficial to the company. One of the inputs gathered is that the best place to sell the product aside from De La Salle University is through an online store, which can easily be done by the group as well. Promotion is also feasible as the market only wants to market the product through online social media and some advertisements like fliers. Thus, AGAS will be utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to post about our products and use their paid ads feature to be able to reach wider range of customers

The financial analysis the company has made shows the following information:

Using the potential demand computation, the group arrived at the potential 12,554 units to be sold in the market. The water filter replacement yields a higher amount equal to 14,382 units per year. According to the Market Acceptability Rate, there is an 79.46% chance that the product would be accepted by the market. These values are a good starting point for a start-up business because it means that the market would be more receptive to our product, making them easier to sell. It is projected that the company will be able to reach its break-even point on its first month of operation. The company is expected to earn a net profit of 16, 636.90 pesos from the projected total sales of 84,400.00 pesos. All in all, the company is expected to have an ROI of 20.79% giving the proponents and investors a promising venture to look forward to.

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Water filters; Water—Purification—Equipment and supplies

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