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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Business Management

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Organizational Behavior and Theory


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Decision Sciences and Innovation Dept

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Raymond Ganotice

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Patrick Hariramani

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Reinnite Madrid


Through the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many franchise businesses and other institutions have been faced with the pressing issues that the pandemic brought. Due to this, businesses have been faced with the option on whether to close down or to innovate and evolve. This researchers aimed to determine if Digitalization Capability, Logistics Innovation, Electronic Payment Adoption, and Workforce Resilience have an effect in achieving organizational agility of Best Gastronomic Ventures Corporation and to determine what possible courses of action can be most effective when trying to achieve the goal of attaining an agile organization that can be dynamic and adaptable in the face of uncertainty and an ever changing environment.

The methodology performed was to conduct structured interviews with six (6) top management employees of BGVC and provide surveys to 40 employees divided among Mesa Taguig and Pepper Lunch Express - Taft. The researchers utilized a mixed-method research design which involves gathering quantitative data collection, qualitative data collection, comparing the data sets and providing an interpretation of the two analyses. Moreover, multiple linear regression and pearson correlation coefficients were used to test and analyze the significant effect and correlation of the data collected. This enables the researchers to gather the results and come up with a recommendation for Best Gastronomic Ventures Corporation in helping them achieve Organizational Agility.

After the data analysis, the results showed a value of p < 0.05 for Digitalization Capability, Electronic Payment Adoption and Workforce Resilience that translates to the variables having a significant effect on achieving Organizational Agility for BGVC. However, with the Multiple Linear Regression for Logistics Innovation, its result of p > 0.05 shows that it does not have a significant effect on achieving Organizational Agility for BGVC. These results have given the researchers to reevaluate and put into perspective which variables may contribute in speeding up the recovery process of Pepper Lunch Express and Mesa.

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Organizational change; Organizational resilience; Technological innovations

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