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LUNTIAN's terminal year-end report

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Terminal Year-End Report

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Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Decision Sciences and Innovation Dept

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Patrick R. Hariramani

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Harvey T. Ong

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Christian J. Umlas


Lunas ang Tinig ng Animo (LUNTIAN) is a practicum business under De La Salle University’s Decision Sciences and Innovation Department. It was founded by five Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship students, Andrea Nicole Bugarin, Jericho Janssen Lo, Timothy Jacob Oscaris, Janna Pablo, and Lyanne Carmel Sy. LUNTIAN’s terminal year-end report includes the highlights of its functional performances, its evaluations, financial data, and other notable company activities that have happened over the practicum period.

The company was able to introduce the Philippines’ first-ever compostable bubble mailers in the country in hopes of addressing the problematic single-use plastics waste in the e-commerce industry. The 1% Compostable Kraft Bubble Mailers are made from natural, renewable, and plant-based resources such as starch, biopolymers, and feedstocks, and the mailers are designed to decompose in as fast as 180 days without the use of an industrial composting machine. With this product, the business initially aimed to reach at least 1% of all online business owners in the Philippines before 2023 to stimulate positive environmental change at a slow but gradual pace. LUNTIAN also targeted raising awareness and encouraging conversations about the plastic problem brought about by online transactions.

By the end of the practicum period, LUNTIAN featured their success in reaching 1.10% of online business owners in the country, exceeding their projected financial targets, participating in various corporate social responsibility initiatives, and stimulating conversations to the point that several national mass media outlets’ attention was grabbed.

Keywords: Practicum Business, Compostable Bubble Mailers, Single-use Plastics, Environmentalism, Entrepreneurship, Eco-friendly Packaging

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"Luntian's terminal year-end report"
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Entrepreneurship; Packaging; Biodegradable products; Green products

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