Analyzing the effects of cybersecurity measures and e-commerce adoption values of specific B2B e-commerce companies towards achieving cyber resilience: The case of Tarlac Mac Enterprises Inc. and Solidmark Inc.

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Bachelor of Science in Business Management

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Business Administration, Management, and Operations


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Decision Sciences and Innovation Dept

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Harvey T. Ong

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Raymond L. Ganotice

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Reuben S.J. Pangan


The dawn of the technological revolution has brought forth countless innovative aspects into the current business industry, revolutionizing the way business transactions and negotiations are currently conducted. With these, comes a multitude of factors to consider for the safety and security of the industries’ online mediums. Hence, this qualitative study seeks to analyze cybersecurity measures and the impact of e-commerce adoption values on B2B e-commerce oriented firms in achieving cyber resilience. Accordingly, extensive research on past studies in the similar field of study were conducted in order to gain additional information relative to filling the knowledge gap on the effects of cybersecurity measures and e-commerce adoption values towards achieving cyber resilience. Additionally, the variety of academic journals assessed by the proponents provided significant frameworks which were consolidated with the study’s objectives, thus resulting in the formulation of the research’s operational schematic.

As for the data collection method, the study adapted a qualitative multiple case study method approach by Yin, R. (1994). A purposive sample involving two B2B e-commerce companies in the Household appliance industry in the Philippines using semi-structured online interviews were conducted, where each respondent was examined relative to their best knowledge on each field. Eventually, The analysis of data gathered was executed in accordance with the four main areas of investigation: (1) E-commerce value, (2) Cybercrime encountered, (3) Cybersecurity measures, and (4) Cyber resilience. As a result, data drawn from both organizations were utilized in the construction of a general synopsis on study’s constructs, specifically on the values derived from both companies’ adoption of e-commerce strategies, cybercrime attempts experienced, the variety of security initiatives upheld by both companies, and their perception of cyber resilience as a foundation to both organizations’ goals.

Consequently, the results drawn from the research also led to the supplementation of the propositions made in the early stages of the paper. In addition, a cross-case analysis table was formulated to provide a clearer understanding on the similarities and differences derived from both case studies performed. Fundamentally, findings of the study stated that despite the low level of cybercrime experienced by the examined organizations, both companies continue to allocate substantial resources directed towards preventing future intrusion attempts from cybercrime criminals and for achieving cyber resilience.

Moreover, the data drawn from the respondents highlighted significant recommendations aligned to the needs of each stakeholder. Recommendations for Tarlac MAC Enterprises Inc. include integrating internal security measures such as using complex passwords, sensitive data encryption, wifi network encryption, multi-factor email authentication, and more. In addition, the subscription of cybercrime insurance services and regular conduction of risk assessments were also proposed. As for Solidmark Inc., the recommendation of utilizing several security measures exhibited by Tarlac MAC Enterprises Inc. into Solidmark’s current line of security softwares such as the integration of Website level (IP address tracker and blocker) was proposed, as the findings indicated that Tarlac MAC Enterprises Inc. exhibited a greater range of security features. Alternatively, updating of the company’s current SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to a newer version through other third party software providers such as Kaspersky or GoDaddy SSL Certificates were also recommended. Ultimately, significant topics relevant to the current research were also provided for the future researchers interested in exploring this field of study, such as the analysis of B2C, C2B, and C2C markets, other research locales, and other business industries engaging in B2B e-commerce operations.

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Computer security--Philippines; Electronic commerce--Philippines

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