Hi, ganda!

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication Arts

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Film and Media Studies


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Rica Leticia I. Arevalo

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Jason Vincent A. Cabañes

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Edward S. Cabagnot
Kristian Jeff Cortez Agustin
Mae Ann L. Chua


Hi, Ganda! is a collection of three connected narratives in a 19-minute and 40-second short feature film. It is about Aliana, Belle, and Emilio, and how they choose to deal with change in their own ways.

Aliana, a trans woman and the eldest child in the family, has left the Avila family house because of her father’s hostility towards her womanhood. Her sister shows support for this change and for everything she does after. A year later, although she has made peace with her issues concerning acceptance, she finds that she still longs for the acceptance of her father.

Belle, the youngest daughter, has a steady career in modeling. Inspired by her sister’s pursuit of her dream, she contemplates pursuing her own lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer. She opens the idea to her father and is met with resistance. She starts to doubt her capabilities, especially with people around her saying she should not do it. All but one, at least: her sister.

Emilio, the father, struggles with going against traditional norms in society. He resists the changes his children want to go through and asserts that he knows what’s best for them. This causes a strain in his relationship with them, to the point where he risks losing them both. Scared of that possibility, he takes small steps to show that he is willing to change for the better.

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