Going Digital

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Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication Arts


College of Liberal Arts



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Rica Leticia Arevalo

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Gary Mariano
Marie Luz Mamawal
Norman Zafra


COVID-19 has become a global health crisis, and at most, everyone has been affected by it. To curb the spread, most governments have opted to employ quarantine protocols, temporarily shut down their educational institutions, and shift to the digital world. With this, people are put into this situation where they're stuck in their rooms, homes, in the four corners of our screens, making things work, making things happen. In these struggling times are narratives of creativity and resourcefulness. Students need to make the best of the circumstance, pick themselves up, and strive to put up a condition that would be worthwhile. It is this situation that created Going Digital.

Going Digital is a 23-minute expository and virtual participatory documentary that narrates the situation of undergraduate students on the online or remote learning set up throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Going Digital goes to show the light and the dark of these times, weighing the pros and cons of the situation, and looking at what the solution of remote learning has brought about. The participants are undergraduate students from De La Salle University-Manila, taking up diverse courses from the field of Business and Liberal Arts. Additionally, they reside in the different islands of the Philippines, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, emphasizing the differences and similarities of students’ lived experiences.

To adhere to the university protocols, constraints of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and to keep up with the aesthetic of the new normal or the digital world, the proponents embedded themselves with the participants by relying on the conferencing app, Zoom. It is with this made Going Digital highly possible as it is the platform wherein interviews, conferencing sessions, and personal documentation allowed the participants to get to know one another and come out with a truthful and meaningful depiction of remote learning.

Moreover, this specific medium of a short documentary allows viewers to vividly understand the effect of the pandemic on education and how the remote learning setup situation varies amongst undergraduate students. Additionally, because of the nature of the medium, the documentary will be freely accessible to audiences. Concerning the preparation of the production, the proponents have prepared all the necessary files and documents from shot lists, scripts, budget, and research to make Going Digital possible. Preparation for the Going Digital short documentary began October 25, 2021, and formally ended on December 29, 2021. 1080p MP4 format.

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