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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication Arts

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Film and Media Studies


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Joey Javier Reyes

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Edward S. Cabagnot

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Neil Burdeos
Dominic Zapata


This project is a 15 to 20 minute short film giving visibility on the reality of how success is measured in the digital world of social media and the consequences of not being able to translate one's online career success to their offline life.

The proponents ensured that everything in the production phase progressed smoothly, from holding online script reading and acting workshops to providing all necessary equipment to the talent on set. On the first production day, the team was in constant contact with the talent throughout the equipment set-up process and in between takes to guide him. On his second shooting day, the talent basically went through the same processes as his first day. However, the challenge he faced on his second shooting day was to create a montage of content on various social media platforms his character used in the film. This consumed more time than the team had initially planned, which is why the talent had to use the extra day they allotted for the shoot just in case of emergency. On his final day, the talent had finished shooting every sequence as well as recorded the voice-overs through a microphone which the production team had to send over to the location earlier that day. The team also assessed his needs during his stay at the shoot location occasionally to make sure that the talent had everything he needed to get through each day. Every expense made by the talent, including his transportation/gas fees, was fully reimbursed on top of his talent fee.

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Short films; Short films—Production and direction; Social media

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