Theses/Dissertations from 2021


One flew over the cuckoo's nest: An introduction to psychiatric euthanasia and the perceived need to legalize it, John Symmon M. Abrazaldo and Jerrick Bryan V. Ngan

Pa'no naman ako : Visual ka, audio ako: A study of the equality of protection on the right to privacy of communication, Jay Isaac O. Angeles and Nicole Joy C. Delos Reyes


Liar liar pants on fire: How Facebook can cooperate with the Philippine government In addressing the effects of fake news within their domain, William Martin S. Ang, Justin Joshua N. Chua, and Christine Joyce Z. Tan


Work from home sweet home: An examination of the law gaps in the creation and implementation of the Telecommuting Act in the Philippines, Rafael Liam L. Barcelo and Karel Allain A. Jacildo


Game over: A proposal to regulate access and enjoyment of video games to minors, Aaron Ponce Capua, Lance Joshua Briones De Leon, and Fernando Gabriel Uson Noel


Separated at birth: A comprehensive review of the Philippines’s compliance with the Constitution and related international laws concerning pregnant, nursing detainees, and the rights of their newborn infants, Kelley Ong Chan, Risheree Geanne Camtugan Codamon, and Hannah Denise Dy Hong

Despicable double trouble: A study on the constitutionality of banning backriders, Regina Coeli P. Cigaral and Patricia Therese C. Mirador


The death or injuries suffered by public health workers: An examination of the Philippine government’s response amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Joseph Raphael Lazaro Perez, Urban Marcelle Teh, and Daena Eryn Pitargue Tuazon

Media: Aiding or destroying the investigation?: The forgotten rights of the accused: A study to support House Bill no. 324, An Act Prohibiting the Presentation to the Press or Public of Suspects in Criminal Investigations before Cases are Formally Filed against the Suspects, Patricia A. Talaman and Dianne Camille G. Uy

Theses/Dissertations from 2016

To record or not to record: Admissibility in evidence of video recording taken in the exercise of civic duty, Glyna A. Acolentava and Jaime Vicente Miguel B. Viola

Highway to health: A study on the legalization of medical marijuana in the Philippines, Juan Paolo Agoncillo and Alyssa May Mariano

Directed by MTRCB: Questioning the constitutionality of the powers of the MTRCB, Ma. Joraissa C. Agregado and Joannah Marie V. Salamat

The burden of sin: A study on the constitutionality of the Sin Tax Reform Law of 2012, Patrick M. Alcantara and James Louie C. Cuevas

Human rights beyond bars: A study on the living conditions provided by the Philippine government to the prisoners, Allyson Cai B. Batalla and Andrea Nicole C. Pallera

Don't dump me: A legal study on the accountability of the Philippine and Canadian governments regarding the dumping of Canadian wastes on the Philippine soil, Nicola Alessandra D. Berlin and Alysa Joira C. Talens

I believe I can fly: A research on the constitutional right to travel-- its origins, limitations, and jurisprudence, Christian Gian Betia and Miguel Jaime Porta

The Uber conundrum: A study on the consistency of Section 13.1 of Uber's partner-driver services: Agreement with Philippine laws and jurisprudence, Gerard Julian J. Carandang and Mark Joshua L. Faderguya

Parents unknown: A study of foundlings and their citizenship, Marc Christian E. Castillo and Aryana Marie G. Gonzales

It's a family thing: A study on the political dynasties in a democratic country-- Philippines, Jaime Shaula O. Collado and Janinna Alyanna L. Huang

On the wings of love: A research study on the legality of the planned 5-year phase out of overseas deployment of female domestic workers, Bianca Denise D. Dawis and Jarren Patrick C. Uy

The obscure realities: Juxtaposing the Philippines' treatment of prisoners with domestic and international legal obligations, Marjolaine T. De Castro and Maria Alyssa Beatriz F. Deyto

Will I get fired?: A study determining the constitutionality of the provisions of the Magna Carta of Women that prohibits the expulsion of female faculty and students who had contracted pregnancy outside of marriage, Miguel De Dios and Juan Carlos K. Luna

The daughter clause: A study of Article 247 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines, Joseph T. De Guzman and Janica Keiths V. Jamias

One of us(?): A study on the legality of the Bureau of Immigration's act of deporting Kim Meunier for participating in an anti-SONA rally, Paulo Miguel A. De Silva and Justin Bryan I. Ocampo

Kapatiran o kinabukasan?: A study on the legality of De La Salle University's imposition of the non-fraternity contract, Jan Narelle D. Domingo and Beatriz Anne D. Ortigoza

Show me the money: a critical study on the constitutionality of House Bills no. 4690 and 4738, David Jerome G. Dominguez and Maria Aurora Nicole F. Sabban

Sino ang nagsabi na close tayo?: A thesis on anti-chamber practices in the Philippine judiciary, Dorothy Sapphirine Hadith Delos Santos Dulnoan and Carla Isabella Pañares Vivas

Should anti-patent troll legislation be introduced in the Philippine patent system?, Ralph Deric S. Espiritu

50 shades of graphicality: The constitutionality of the prohibitions on immoral, obscene, and indecent art, Leslie Jeanne M. Fajardo and Ana Rose M. Gonzales

Modern day prostitution, Beau Fernando and Peter George Garcia Lim

No sense candidates: A thesis on the constitutionality of Resolution no. 8696, Selina Bianca D. Frias and Martin Bienn A. Regala

Slums in the city: A legal research on Republic Act 7279 also known as the Urban Development and Housing Act of 1992, Cedric Labasan

Same-sex marriage: Is it allowable in the Philippines?, Kevin Igmidio E. Lat and Paolo R. Villanueva

You're nothing but a second rate, trying-hard copyright: A legal study on the copyrightability of movie lines in the Philippines, Selena L. Manalansan and Joshua R. Tan

No strings attached: A study of the disconnection of laws in marital infidelity based on gender, Nyka Luis Nakamura and Lloyd Angelo Valeriano

The grapes of wrath: A comprehensive assessment on the validity and rectitude of post-employment restrictions, Simon Renzo B. Ocampo and Elden B. Rocamora

On the wings of lust: Upholding the holistic well-being of women rape victims, Lina H. Olis and Karen Nicole F. Uy

Delima(an) kayo pwidi magtravel: A study on the constitutionality of DOJ circular no. 41, Howard S. Ong and Josue Romano C. Wenceslao

Anti Money Laundering Act: Is it enough to deter dirty money?, Ji Hae Park and Amy Kate L. Lim

Heads, they win-- tails, we lose: A legal study on the regulatory powers of PAGCOR on daily fantasy sports operated in the Philippines, Joan Veronica S. Pernes and Miguel Paolo E. Tiu

Ghosts of the past: Impeaching an official for impeachable offenses committed prior to office, Dan Michael S. Resurreccion and Michelle Angeline B. Sorita

Fighting corruption beyond borders, Elaiza Jean T. Tiu and Elner Uy

Economy or minority?: A reevaluation of the Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport Act, Morgan Gabriel O. Tomelden and Francis Nathan S. Vista

Do we have a right?: A study on the right to import copyrighted works in Republic Act No. 10372, Chaeyoung Yoo and Jisu Yoo

With great power comes great responsibility: An academic discussion on the authority granted to the Ombudsman in administrative cases, Karl Matthew M. Yuan and Jasper Rodil Zalameda

Theses/Dissertations from 2015

Sound of silence: A constitutional discourse on the registration requirements under the Lobbying Accountability Act, Johanne D. Abdulrahman

Minorities of the minorities: A comparative study on the indigenous peoples provisions in House Bill 4994: Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) and Republic Act 8371: The Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (IPRA), Ana Victoria I. Andres and Ma Kara Toni Ann C. Pizarro

Aequantibus iustitia: A study on the constitutionality of House Bill 1213 An Act Adopting the Higher Prescribed Penalty, including Death, of the National Law of an alien found guilty of trafficking dangerous drugs and other similar substances amending the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002, Mohandis Al-Asher M. Balt

Towards labor justice: A comprehensive review on Agabonvs NLRC and the various Supreme Court doctrines in granting remedies for illegal termination, Napoleon Eli Z. Banzuela and Paolo Lorenzo M. Ortiz

A wider look into paternity leave: The Muslims, the family, and the economy, Ellison Aaron Y. Barcela and Aldrich Reginald A. Shih

Nobody's child: A study on Philippine laws on citizenship and the status of abandoned children declared as foundlings, Ersha M. Bea and Kaira L. Sy

Halukay: Constitutionality of Republic Act 4653 or the ban on foreign imported ukay-ukay, Jethro I. Bragado

Visiting Forces Agreement: A peace-keeping toll or a conflict-generating mechanism for the Philippines, Jan Claudine P. Cabigunda and Katrisha Analine B. Kok

SIM cards to register or not to register? That is the question!, Aldous Gabriel L. Cajudo and Natahniel O. Pecho

Swatting shutterbugs: A study on the constitutionality of House bill no. 4807, An Act protecting Against Personal Intrusion by Any Person with Intent to Gain or Profit therefrom, Jonathan Victor H. Calda and Dixijane T. Gutierrez

In the clouds: How cloud technology violates our right to privacy: A proposal to strengthen and improve our current data protection laws, Katrina Erika Chua and Hipolito Punzalan III

The rights race: A study on constitutional rights of substance abusing mothers and unborn children, Gio Spencer R. Cortes and Jay Daniel T. Morales

Twinkle, twinkle, virtual child: An analysis of the constitutionality of the expanded definition of a child under R.A 9775, John Paul Alfred R. Cruz and Trisha H. Yu

Going legit: A question on the constitutionality of House Bill no. 2355, Lawrence Xavier T. Daluro and Justin Dale Louise K. Ansay

Incentives for women representation in political parties equality or inequality?, Dane Rainier M. Estepa and Elijah Miguel C. Saavedra

Bit by bit: Discerning the legality of the circulation of bitcoin in the Philippines, Ursulaine Grace C. Feliciano and Marc Gino V. Melchor

Guilty until proven innocent: A study on the constitutionality of civil forfeiture without prior criminal charge, Johannah Marielle R. Fernandez and Immaculate Mariel C. Plantilla

Ship-shipan tayo!: Determining whether Senate Bill no. 1359, in the event of its enactment, is constitutional, Melissa Marie R. Lat and Anne Louise T. Panaga

The talent system in GMA Network: Application of labor legislations and doctrines in the determination of employment status of GMA Network talents, Ville Marvin V. Magbuhos and Cornelio Y. Alfonso III

Sure pass: the Iskolar ng Bayan Act as a violation of academic freedom and equal protection, Michael Kent M. Matawaran and Clarizza Grace C. Napa

Force me not!: Forcible administration of alcoholic beverages during hazing: Punishable or not?, Eenah Joelle A. Padilla and Lorenzo A. Perez

Protection of endangered species in disputed waters: Justifying the protective measures of the Philippines under international law, Wendy Angeline A. Penafiel and Korina D. Torres

Napaaga nga ba?: A critique of Penera vs. Comelec (599 SCRA 609 [2009]) re: premature campaigning, Juan Carlo Santos

The naked truth: A legal analysis of the BJMP's conduct of body searches on jail visitors, Ezra Adeia Louis N. Solano and Julianne Heloise U. Zapata

Concrete, useful and tangible: Patentability of business methods, Princess Jemima C. Umbalin

Theses/Dissertations from 2014

Hit me harder baby!: A study on the legality of consensual BDSM, Dana Alyssa N. Abad and Gilda Patrizia A. Veluya

Predicting the unpredictable: A study on the feasibility of implementing a nationwide mandatory earthquake insurance policy, Apple May P. Abadilla and Michaela D. Lanting

Killing done in the heat of passion when it is justified and understandable according to the law: A study on the constitutionality and validity of article 247 of the Revised Penal Code, Joalline Jessica T. Agustin and Janelle R. Zapata

A tale of two cities: A comprehensive analysis on the territorial dispute over Fort Bonifacio between Taguig City and Makati City, Romer Kevin C. Alejandro and Ma. Angelie Erika V. Pua

Erotically cold, hard, and pale: A study on the legal plausibility of necrophilia congressional bills, Charlene G. Alvarez and Marinelle M. Fernandez

To conceal or to reveal: A study on exemptions of accessories from criminal liability, Calbert Dustin L. Amante and Aizelle Marc B. Sietereales

For better or for worse?: A study on the state of local autonomy in the interventions of the national government in Yolanda rehabilitation, Marc Russel A. Ambrocio and Therese Bernadette D. Sarmiento

Old McDonald had a farm: A thesis on the constitutionality of Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport Act of 2010 (RA 10083, Patricia R. Arbolado and Ma. Angela Francesca Y. Cabral

Public interest after public utility privatization: Does it bargain away?: The case of MWSS and its concessionaires Manila Water Company Inc. & Maynilad Water Systems, Robert Daniel Arcadio and Joshua Ricardo Manauis

Trade secrets: A proposal for a law, Ma. Triscia Giebon D. Asensi and Gio Miguel A. Ocampo

You're not sorry: Propriety of using marriage as a cause of extinguishment of the criminal liability of rape, Christelle Ayn D. Baldos and Ivan Chris T. Luzuriaga

Mining in the Philippines: A test of unconstitutionality of the provisions of the financial or technical assistance agreement (FTAA), Marianne A. Baron and Abbie Patricia P. Biscocho

Killing me slowly: A study on qualified pre-termination of pregnancy, John Paul B. Barrameda and Hylie Jane M. Hung

Discerning the constitutionality of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, Darlene Mae Beloso and Justine Stefan Mapple Gaverza

Local vs national law: Which law would prevail?, Gabriel Eduardo R. Bobier and Fernando Ramon Lorenzo T. Garcia

The institutionality of intellectual property securitization-- a Philippine perspective, Ma. Patricia Therese C. Bonifacio and Russell O. Wisden

A study on the constitutionality of the amended Section 7 (D) of the Intellectual Property Code, Sabrina Monique D. Borras and Norhanifa B. Matanog

Declawing the fat cat: A study on the constitutionality of the exchange of information on tax matters act of 2009 (R.A. No. 10021) and on the implementation of the foreign account tax compliance act in the Phlippines, Samantha Louise B. Bugay and Zeth Lorenzo Z. Samson

Department order 18-A: Its misinterpretation and agitation: The validity of contractualization of all forms of work, Jose Enrique S. Cadiz and Jose Mari C. Yatco

A study on the Islamic conversion of men as circumvention to bigamy and divorce, Tzarlene J. Cambaliza and Lara Denise D. Viray

Goodbye Filipino: A study on the weight of CMO 20-2013 and its consonance with Philippine jurisprudence, Christine A. Caminade and John Albert T. Cordova

Am I a warrior?: The consideration of warrior gene as a mitiating circumstance, Michael Petersen D. Carpio and John Kristopher S. Mercado

The Philippines' patent system and competition policies' compliance to the agreement on trade related aspects of intellectual property (TRIPs): A research to combat abuse in the patent system, Jephthah Castillo and Janika Faye La Penia

To squat or not to squat? that is the question. looking at the gaps in the law in the current squatting laws in the Philippines, Anjho Cruz

I know what you searched for: A legal analysis of Section IX of R.A. 9775, Frances Claire S. Cruz and Jan Edrich Paolo J. Lavalle

Thought you'd always be mine: Probing the constitutionality of the Mining Act, Ma. Alyssa Bianca K. Cruz and Mayrell T. Tan

I do! I don't!: Revisiting the provisions of adultery and concubinage as applied to LGBTQI, Shez Ann S. De Castro and Natasha Marie E. Flores

Who's your mommy: A study on the maternity of a child borne through gestational surrogacy, Mikee Karina H. De Vega and Juan Pocholo M. Lazo

A legal analysis of the rights of nature in the context of the 1987 Constitution of the Philippines, Trisha Andrea C. Draper and Ralph Lorenz L. Quitain

Sorry, not sorry: A close scrutiny on crimes offending religious feelings, Mitzi I. Dumayas and Cindee Michelle S. Yu