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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

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Accounting | Higher Education | Online and Distance Education


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business



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Marivic V. Manalo

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Elsie N. Velasco

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Jonathan P. Binaluyo
Jerwin B. Tubay


As the world has experienced a major shift due to the Coronavirus 2019 pandemic, students have to face the sudden implementation from the traditional face-to-face learning to Online Distance Learning (ODL). Due to this, students have experienced ODL barriers that may have impacted their academic performance, along with their work readiness skills; hence, this study aims to assess the degree of impact of these barriers, the degree of work readiness students possess as coming from an ODL setup, and whether this has a significant relationship with each other. A sample of 66 out of 79 De La Salle University-Manila Bachelor of Science in Accountancy students who were enrolled in Internship Accounting (PRCACTY) for the academic year 2021-2022, term 2 were surveyed. The gathered data were analyzed through Descriptive statistics, Student’s T-test and Somers’ Delta. The study has determined that Technological, Individual, Domestic, and Institutional barriers made a moderate to major impact on the students. Along with this, the study found out that students agree to possess Intellectual, Interpersonal and Communication, Personal, and Organizational Professional Work Readiness skills. In terms of relationships, the study determined that Technological barriers have a significant inverse relationship with the students’ Intellectual, Interpersonal and Communication, and Personal Professional Skills. For Individual barriers, it has a significant inverse relationship with all Work Readiness skills. With Interpersonal and Communication Professional Skill, Domestic barriers was determined to be the only variable who has a significant inverse relationship. Moreover, it was also determined that Institutional Barriers have no significant relationship with all of the Professional Work Readiness skills.

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Distance education; Web-based instruction; Workplace literacy

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