Theses/Dissertations from 2020


Mariano Marcos State University IT-Assets Management System, Bobby Abuy Eclarin

Theses/Dissertations from 2019


Single-fusion detector: Towards faster multi-scale object detection, Arren Matthew C. Antioquia


Cloud computing adoption determinants in a financial institution in the Philippines, George Paolo L. Flores


Roadside air quality estimation system using vehicular traffic and meteorological conditions, Mary Grace B. Malana


Emotion reflective entity (EREN): Teaching emotional intelligence to children through storytelling with a conversational agent, Kyle-Althea Francesca Anne M. Santos


Layout and context understanding for image synthesis with scene graphs, Arces A. Talavera


Life event classification of Facebook posts augmented by their relationships, Robee Khyra Mae J. Te


Extracting and encoding event sequences for use in recurrent neural networks, Winfred Louie D. Villaluna


Enabling control over strokes and pattern density of style transfer using covariance matrices, John Jethro C. Virtusio

Theses/Dissertations from 2018

Using personality parameters in simulating dialogue text for converstional agents, Roscoe Nealle Chua Alicbusan

Detecting DDoS attacks using a hybrid model, Jedidiah Caychingco

Towards a conversational agent for story reading, Lynette Danielle Ko Chan


Automatically recognizing humor in memes, Jan Kristoffer Y. Cheng

Enterprise architecture roadmap for the IT support of academic institutions with TOGAF as a framework, Ma. Eliza Jijeth V. Dela Cruz

Determining intent of conversations through machine learning, Gabriel V. Del Mundo

Towards photorealistic rendering for mixed reality on mobile devices, Christian Terrence B. Esguerra

Information system strategic plan of Sorsogon State College, Ruel G. Grafia

Automatic calibration and speed estimation on multi-directional vehicle flow, Chester Paul Ibarrientos

Document classification of Filipino online scam incident text using data mining techniques, Eddie Bouy B. Palad

Child detection in videos using age estimation and convolutional neural networks, David John Ricafort


Discovering guidelines from short text, Darren Karl A. Sapalo

Blockchain-based approach for tracking the state of client's personal information for data transparency and accountability in relation with Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA): Compliance of a savings bank, Louise Genevieve B. So

Big data analytics framework for decision making in disaster critical preparedness management, Fortunato C. Sta. Rita Jr.

Recognizing self-stimulatory behavior using spatio-temporal convolutional neural network, Edwill Dave Ng Tan


Estimating software projects’ effort, time, and cost using function point analysis and analogy-based effort estimation, John Byron D. Tuazon

A framework on predicting network based IDS alerts, Oliver Bob I. Urag

Tracking human mobility using Twitter through natural language processing techniques, Andrea Nicole O. Ver

Theses/Dissertations from 2017

Recognizing product emotions using deep learning for subtle expression recognition, Renz Paolo M. Abergos

Story summarization using a story world graph, Bianca Trish Adolfo

Resource requirement data model for basic public schools in the Philippines, Mary Rose Erika M. Barja

Modelling maternal health data in the Philippines using machine learning, Kevin Matthe M. Caramancion

Towards principles of sound combination in audio games using machine learning, Ralph Regan Choa

Implementing a gesture-based matchmaking system in an audio exercise game, Ian Lazaruz Cruz

An empirical comparative analysis of clustering algorithms for big data applications, Duke Danielle T. Delos Santos

Capability roadmap as an enterprise architecture work for the Information Technology Services Office of De La Salle University-Manila, Emmanuel S. Iluzada

Recognizing reader's affect using EEG data, Kristine Ma. Dominique F. Kalaw

Utilizing contextual information from Tweets as parameters for community detection input graphs, Alron Jan Lam

Prediction of disease-disease associations based on relation extraction from biomedical journals using support vector machines, Andrew V. Laron

Monitoring dengue using Twitter and deep learning techniques: Its correlation with Department of Health data using infoveillance supply-based methods, Evan Dennison S. Livelo

A spell checker for a low-resourced and morphologically rich language, Manolito V. Octaviano Jr.

Facial expression recognition in Filipino sign language, Joanna Pauline C. Rivera

Modeling personality traits of Filipino twitter users based on linguistic markers, Edward P. Tighe

Exploring voxel-based morphological operators for automatic Lego model construction, Jennifer C. Ureta

Framework to apply risk-based approach to Identity and Access Management (IAM) to address negligent insider in the BPO, Merrynol Libunao Vasquez

Theses/Dissertations from 2016

Utilizing event conditions in improving generated story aesthetics, Karl Stephan G. Benavidez

Recognizing affect based on body movement and contextual information, Earl Arvin A. Calapatia

A corpus based-Filipino grammar checker using hybrid N-gram rules from grammatically-correct terms, Matthew Phillip Go

ETL-based framework for organizing data on maternal and child mortality and related indicators, Elmer B. Gomez

Classifying skin lesion images into primary morphologies, Jules Matthew A. Macatangay

The use of trajectory analysis on a structured SOM for behavior analysis, Christelle Mae O. Sanhi

Theses/Dissertations from 2015

Human capacity organizational roadmap for e-government interoperability, Pierre Pauline R. Abesamis

Analyzing Filipino editorials through information extraction and sentiment analysis, Bernadyn Reyes Cagampan

A statistical feature extraction tool for mining short text data, Oliver Isaac L. Chan

MIS framework on open government data for local government units in maternal health and child care in the Philippines, Michelle Renee Domingo Ching

Modeling activities of self regulated learners as contextualized action sequences, Jordan Aiko Patio Deja

Unsupervised habitual activity detection in accelerometer data, Carolyn C. Domingo

WSAN: Data collection and actuation protocol with prioritization through class of service, Fritz Kevin Salvador Flores

Business visualization framework for central banking monetary and stability, Christine Diane Lim

Multimodal AI adaptability on an audio exercise game for the visually impaired, Enrique Sebastian A. Malonzo

An investigation on a multi-fear recognition model using facial features and survival horror games, Joaquin Angelo P. Nacpil

Sarcasm recognition in speech using a real-time approach, Ramon Gabriel Pascual

A machine learning model for automated forecasting of large-value payment system transactions, Patrick Joseph M. Sadornas

Theses/Dissertations from 2014

Using self-organizing maps and regression to solve the acoustic-to-articulatory Inversion as input to a visual articulatory feedback system, Natalie S. Agustin

Music recommendation model based on user listening behavior and utility based preference scoring, Arturo P. Caronongan III

Combining existing methods for an applied textual entailment search in the christian bible, Kenston Choi

Detecting trends in product consumer preference using sentiment visualization, Tommy Chua

Rating movies using an arousal model, Tan Daniel Stanley

Supporting novice programmers through meaningful feedback from a pedagogical programming environment implementing a case-based reasoning approach, Ryan Samuel Dimaunahan

Modeling physiological effects of linalool and linalyl acetate-based odorants on stress levels of college faculty members, John Raymond C. Lim

Using machine learning for automated role identification in cyberbullying, Louie Anson Ng

Using machine learning to detect pedestrian locomotion from sensor-based data, Courtney Anne M. Ngo

Statistics-based rule generation for Filipino style and grammar checking, Nathaniel A. Oco

A polyalgorithm for polynomial GCD computation involving matrices, Nonna J. Parrilla

Building an English-Tagalog tourism corpus and lexicon for a statistical machine translation system, Charmaine S. Ponay

Modeling blended emotions in spontaneous Filipino laughter through facial expression analysis, Katrina Ysabel Solomon

Using unsupervised techniques and manual analysis: A framework for discovering themes from social media posts, Leif Romeritch L. Syliongka

Building a sentiment corpus using a gamified framework, Thomas James. Tiam-Lee

Theses/Dissertations from 2013

Community informatics framework for the localization of Maternal Health and Childcare (MHCC) in the rural communities, Sarah Angeles

Comparison of keywork-based learning algorithm vs. existing summarizers for web articles, Juan Paolo Santos Balbin

Impact assessment of information technology systems implemented by Land Bank of the Philippines, Divina Gracita Realina Balgomera

Building a Filipino polarity lexicon from a sentence-level annotated dataset using various statistical measures, Justin L. Co

Creating realistic laughter through facial expressions for affective embodied conversational agents, Richard Thomas Cruz


Evaluating e-government initiatives in MLGUs: The case of the municipality of Marilao, Bulacan, Merizagail G. Dumlao

Using self-organizing maps to cluster music files based on lyrics and audio features, Calvin Enriquez

Advanced data aggregation techniques on Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) a simulation of monitoring railway structures in Metro Manila, Jim Paul Bungque Garcia


Green ICT policy framework for outsourcing organizations in the Philippines, Allan Ralph Espino Japzon

Cloud computing adoption among Philippine SMEs: Determinants and implications for promoting ICT as an enabler, Tiffany Kai T. King

Visualization and analysis of document clusters produced by self-organizing maps, Maynard R. Landrito

Picture books mark-up language for story narration, Louis Patrice Robillo Lu

Multimodal detection of stress levels that increase academic performance, Charlene Frances Santos Ngo

Data collection protocol for wireless sensor network-based home automation, Arlyn Verina Lao Ong

MIS policy framework and roadmap for the transformation of local ITO organizations to KIBS firms, Tiffany G. Padilla

Building a subjectivity lexicon for Filipino, Ralph Vincent J. Regalado

Automatic extraction of conceptual relations from children's stories, Briane Paul V. Samson

Real-time multimodal affect recognition in laughter episodes, Jose Miguel Santos

Neural network-based keyword extraction using word frequency, position, usage and format features, Juan Paolo Tensuan

Determining music features that have an effect on stress levels based on physiological signals, Gemilene C. Uy

Theses/Dissertations from 2012

Enhancing event-based semantics in the ontology of picture books 2, Karen S. Ang

Real time academic emotion recognition using body gestures, Oi Hing Cheung

Genuine product appreciation using automated facial expression recognition, Edward Philippe H. Choi