The relationship between the math attitudes and underachievement of academically gifted 4th year students in selected science high schools in Metro Manila

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts in Education Major in Special Education

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Educational Psychology | Science and Mathematics Education


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education

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Perlita M. Jamoralin

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Roberto T. Borromeo

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Lilia S. Bautista
Hope L. Leyson


The purpose of this study was to investigate the association of math attitudes with math underachievement. Math underachievement was represented by the failed grades in mathematics. The 44 subjects composed of 17 males and 27 females were chosen based on documentary analysis, and checklist criteria from three (3) selected science high schools. The students who participated in the study were fourth year high school students and were earlier identified as academically gifted by their respective schools. The eight-domain specific attitude subscales of Fennema-Sherman Mathematics Attitudes Scales (FMAS) were administered to them to gather data.

The study found that math underachievement is not an effect of gender and math attitudes. Among the eight domains of math attitudes only Attitudes Toward Success and Teacher's Math Attitude domains have significant relationship with underachievement, with the former having a direct relationship and the latter having an inverse relationship.

Recommendations include an in depth, qualitative study on how the Attitudes Toward Success and Teacher's Math Attitude are related to math Underachievement, a replication of the study to non-gifted students and an expansion of the number of respondents to the provincial areas.

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Students—Attitudes; Academic achievement—Philippines—Metro Manila; Gifted teenagers—Philippines—Metro Manila; Mathematics—Study and teaching (Secondary)—Philippines—Metro Manila

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