Assessment of Pantawid pamilyang Pilipino program (4Ps) in District II, Makati City

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts in Political Science

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Social Welfare


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Political Science

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Rodolfo A. Tor

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Alejandro Christina D. Soler

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Julien L. Carandang
Gerardo V. Eusebio


The Philippines implemented Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) with a dual objective of providing cash grants to poor households in order to address their short-term needs – social assistance – and at the same time by developing the human capital of their children in order to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty – social development. This paper assessed the implementation of 4Ps in District II, Makati city based on how the DSWD implements the program from national to the local government down to the barangay level; in terms of household selection; and issues related to implementation. Focus-group discussion among beneficiaries and key-informant interviews with program implementers were undertaken. Findings suggest that although the DSWD have to coordinate first with the CBAPS the projects and programs that they have to implement, this added level of coordination makes the implementation of the program more effective and operational. However, the city’s implementation of the program needs to be reassessed in terms of selecting household beneficiaries and compliance verification. As these issues and problems in the implementation of the program are the impending factors in achieving the overall objectives of the program. The study provided policy recommendations to address the problems and to enhance the capacity of the DSWD to implement the program as well as establish policy changes that would accommodate the needs of 4Ps beneficiaries.

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Economic assistance, Domestic—Philippines—Makati City—Evaluation

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