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Addressing the lack of performance appraisal form and increase-incentive guidelines in HB&B Inc.

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Insider Action Research

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Master of Business Administration

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Human Resources Management


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Management and Organization

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Divina Edralin

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Patrick Adriel Aure

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Frances Jeane Sarmiento
Shieradel Jimenez


This action research addressed the company’s lack of performance appraisal form and increase-incentive guidelines for middle and bottom level employees. Its absence led to various concerns such as with its (1) Employee’s consistency, (2) Credibility of crew trainers, (3) Jealousy and overdependence of work among colleagues, and even (4) Resignation plans. The subject of this action research is a franchised food service company located in Taytay and Novaliches Area. I am currently working as the company’s Managing Director. My primary duties and responsibilities involve assisting the Franchisee and Senior Managing Directors in Operations, Finance and Accounting, and Human Resources. During this action research project, there was a constant collaboration with our Senior Managing Director, managers, and crew trainer representatives. As guided by Adam’s Equity Theory, Locke & Latham’s goal-setting theory, and Kotter’s Eight step process change model, we implemented the following interventions. (1) Performance Appraisal Form for Managers, (2) Performance Appraisal Form for Crews and Crew Trainers, and (3) Increase- Incentive Guidelines. The creation of these forms and guidelines resulted in an improvement in the employees’ consistency in their respective work stations. We can now better assess an employee’s strengths and areas of development more distinctively. Crews became more respectful towards the crew trainers. Jealousy among colleagues and resignation plans lessened. As the employees strived to work harder, the overdependence of work among colleagues decreased as well.

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