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Insider Action Research

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Master of Business Administration


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Management and Organization Department


This Action Research paper explores the effects of role ambiguity in organizing EOI and proposal preparations for Indonesia projects within team Asia of RebelGroup International, BV. After the implementation of three action research cycles for the purpose of this paper, it was evident that the success of the action research was due to the commitment of key collaborators in addressing the issues identified. Without the participation of one of the key collaborators and his commitment to collaborate throughout the third cycle of this action research, the issue would continue to recur in the future. In addition, the action research paper revealed that purely process oriented measures does not necessarily address an issue especially if the process concerns are not the root cause of the issue at hand. This also highlights the need for the collaborators to be transparent during the construction phase in order to be able to understand the key issues involved. Finally, this action research paper also highlights the need for the continued collaboration of the key collaborators in order to complete the three-step change process in accordance to Lewin’s change model. This Action Research paper revises the model framework of Alshery et al (2015) where the effect of role ambiguity to job performance is analyzed with leadership style as a moderating variable. In this context, the presence of role ambiguity which may have been driven by the equal distribution of authority among the members of the organization as well as the implicit definition of roles affects job performance negatively which in this case led to the failure in attaining a specific goal/objective. Moreover, the cultural diversity of the organization is observed to have some influence on the role ambiguity issue given the difference in cultural make-up between the collaborators.

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