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Insider Action Research

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Master of Business Administration

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Organizational Behavior and Theory


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Management and Organization Department

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Divina Edralin

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Benito Teehankee

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Louie Divinagracia
Ana Liza Asis-Castro


In this action research, we focused on addressing the low level of engagement of the Operations Support Department of Canwell Bank. The manifestations of our identified issue include limited feedback between the managers and staff, frequent cancellations and rescheduling of team meetings and an increase in absenteeism. The objectives of this action research are (1) to assist members in their development and in their needs to perform their job better (2) to conduct regular team meetings and (3) to minimize absenteeism for better productivity. Finally, the goal of this project is to enable and support each member to ensure better team performance. To attain our objectives and goals, I utilized various data gathering methods using the first-person, second-person and third-person inquiries. I also used books and academic sources as references to guide our team in the process. Likewise, I made use of appropriate frameworks as our guide such as the Gallup Employee Engagement Model and Whitmore, Alexander, and Fine’s GROW Model to help in the interventions. Also, Hiatt’s ADKAR Model was used to assist us in the implementation of change in our organization. In addressing the low level of engagement, we (1) established and conducted monthly coaching sessions and (2) facilitated and conducted regular effective meetings. Our team was able to achieve favorable outcomes in these activities which eventually met our objectives and goals of this paper. These interventions enhanced the management support and increased collaboration which led to improving our engagement. As part of what I have learned in the entire process of action research, I improved the Gallup Employee Engagement Model which other organizations encountering the same problem can utilize for their study.

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Organizational commitment; Teams in the workplace

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