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Arsenio A. Lumiqued Jr.

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Rebecca G. Cacho

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Erlinda H. Bragado
Ma. Corazon P. Manalo


This study identified the stressors and the coping skills among the wives of Filipino migrants of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish, Molino, Cavite. The respondents of the study who were selected from various pastoral areas of the parish consisted of 100 Filipino wives within the age bracket of 25-50. The instruments used in gathering the data for this study were tests on stress, and coping skills. It was an attempt to identify and describe the physiological, psychological, and psychosocial stressors among the wives. Employing quantitative descriptive research design, it investigated the different stressors of the wives of migrants and their various coping skills. In the section on physiologic-focused coping, the factors that were dealt with were nutrition, exercise and sleep. The section on emotion-focused coping mechanisms were on creating or using diversions— releasing pent-up emotions, distracting oneself, or learning to relax. And in the problem-focused coping skills category, the important factors dealt with were systematic problem solving and the importance of social support and the friendship factor. The result of the study proved that ―too much work‖ and ―lack of money to buy important things were the physiological stressors often experienced by the wives of migrants, while among the psychological stressors their wish for more exciting life and too much responsibility were often stressors. Finally, among the psychosocial stressors, it was noticed that the wives of migrants often wish for more support/assistance from relatives. Therefore the researcher has proposed a program to address these stressors experienced by the wives of migrants. The purpose of the program is to help the wives to cope with the physiological, psychological and psychosocial stressors.

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Wives—Effect of husband's employment on—Philippines—Cavite; Church work with women—Catholic Church; Stress (Psychology)

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